Monday, June 10, 2019

Christmas String Quilt Runner

Hi everyone!  Another old project wrapped up!  I showed you the Christmas String Runner Quilt a while back -- it was another project I started who knows when!  I practiced my free-motion quilting on it, sewed a binding to the front ... then put it in the "hand sewing" pile.  That pile moves slowly.

I watched another tutorial about doing the binding totally by machine and thought I'd give this method a try.  Unlike the camo quilt I made for the girls, this method has you sew to the front like I normally do, then sew from the front again - carefully making sure you catch the binding on the back.  I HAD to try it out!

I went slowly, being as careful as I could be, and before I knew it ...


Yeah!  Of course, I missed the binding in a couple spots (OK, more like 5 or 6), but for a first effort, not too bad!  I went back and fixed those areas and I was good to go!

Here's a look at the back:


I'm so pleased to wrap up another unfinished project - and in this one, learned a new-to-me binding technique and practiced my free-motion quilting!

Thanks for reading!

Late edit:  I'm giving this to my friend Beth for Christmas!

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