Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Storm Bag for Shelli

In my last post, I gave you a preview of a Hold the Phone! Bag - or Good Neighbor Bag Bag - I made for Sitka. Zim was modeling it on his snooter for us ... here's another take:

Zim with Sitka's new bag

I also dropped a hint that I had a special surprise for Shelli - Sitka's mom! I was inspired by the VERY cool black floral fabric she sent me, so I took that and invited it to play with others I had on-hand. Here's is Shelli's Storm Bag and its coordinating Hold the Phone! Bag:

I redesigned the top/strap area. I made a thin cording out of some pink camo fabric, then laced it through grommets! (Yes, I am on a grommet kick!)

You can also see another shot of the Storm Bag here. (Keep scrolling to the last picture.)

Here's a peek inside:

You can also get a good look at the HTP! Bag there. And remember, the Storm Bag is reversible! Here's a look at it "turned":

In that shot, I have the handles/drawstrings pulled double, so it's like a handbag; in the first photo of the bag, they're in the extended shoulder bag length. The Storm does adapt well!

Here's a detail shot of the top-stitching I did on each of the pockets:

Here is a look at all three bags together:

Aren't Shelli and Sitka going to look STYLISH together?

Here are a few close-ups of Shelli's HTP! Bag:

The inside is the same fab I used for Sitka's HTP!/Good Neighbor Bag Bag - the one Dave picked out for me:

I couldn't decide whether to do the quilting and top-stitching in pink or green, so I opted for both. I also appliquéd some of the pink camo twill (a fav with two family members) on the outside:

Last, but by no means least, here is Sitka's HTP!/Good Neighbor Bag Bag all filled up and ready to go:

Along with holding a fresh supply of "Good Neighbor" bags (my term for plastic bags you carry to police up after your pup!), Zim thought we should tuck a treat in there for his favorite girl!

Oh! I quilted in Glow in the Dark quilting thread! Not sure if it will actually "glow" on those late-night/early-morning walks, but it looks cool in the closet - LOL! Here's a shot of that:

I actually did try to take a picture of it in the dark closet, as did Shelli, but that just doesn't really work! She did send a SWEET picture of Sitka with her new bag:

Sitka, trying her paw at snooter balancing

I'm not sure, but I think Sitka will be happier with it hooked onto her leash. :)

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ram-a-Lamb 2

Remember the Ram-a-Lamb Bag I showed you in my first post? The "music themed" one? The woman I made it for was so pleased, she asked me to make another with that same music fab for her daughter-in-law! What a great compliment and honor!

Since I usually work from scraps, I wasn't sure if I had enough of that fab, but I was happy to discover I did! Here's how it came out:

Every time I make one of these, I learn something. One of these days, I need to write down how I'm doing them - that might help me out a little. :)

Here's the Hold the Phone! Bag:

The decorative stitching along the top reminded me of music scales .... but then, I have a good imagination. This was another variegated thread by YLI (currently my favorite brand) - the color is "Fawn". The one I used for Kathie's RAL in the previous post was "Teddy". They're both yummy and rich!

Here's another detail shot:

I could have sworn I'd rotated that; please cock your head to the left like a Labrador for the correct effect.

I also just finished a Hold the Phone! Bag for a friend in South Dakota. She asked if I could do a "sewing theme" and I was happy to oblige!

Since she's a fellow quilter, I felt compelled to hang this pewter charm on her bag:

Yes, that IS a fishing lure thingy it's hanging from. They work great with just a little re-tooling. I hope the glass bead does OK in the mail. I quilted with another variegated YLI thread - "Uncle Sam", a red, white and blue mix!

I'll post again in a few days or so. I have a little surprise in the mail for someone that I'm anxious to share. Remember the special order fabric my Guide Dog for the Color Blind showed you? The Hold the Phone! Bag - or Good Neighbor Bag Bag - has been made for Sitka.

Zim with Sitka's Good Neighbor Bag Bag

AND I put a little surprise in the box for Shelli! :) Hurry up, USPS!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Ram-a-Lamb

Yesterday I finished a new Ram-a-Lamb Bag. I'm excited about this one, as I once again re-designed the straps. Handles. Shoulder pieces. Whatever you'd like to call them. I'm calling them "redesigned and cool". Instead of using denim (which can be a bit bulky) or new nylon dog leashes (which might not be to everyone's tastes), I've tried a knotted fabric approach!

Here's an over-all view.

And here's a close-up shot of where the strap goes through the grommet!

I really like it! If you wanted the knots inside, you could untie them and change it around. You could also shorten them, if you'd like. As is, the bag itself is at hip level. I like the knots on the outside. Just a personal choice!

Here's the Hold the Phone! Bag:

I hooked some cute glass beads to the loop. Here's a detail shot of the top, with my stitching echoing the leaf theme! I used a rich, gold-toned, variegated thread for the quilting and top-stitching.

The inside of the bag, the straps and the two exterior pockets are all from that gorgeous leaf fab.

And ... thanks to Kathie's great idea ... here's a new accessory!

That's right - a cute, quilted glasses case! I should have put the tag on the side, but, hey, it was my first time. Here's a close-up; I did the leaf stitching along the top of this, too!

Great idea, Kathie! I'd say it's a success!

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bag Display/Bags Available

I have some of my bags on display for sale at the Bernina Shoppe.

Display at the Bernina Shoppe

The Sitia Bag I showed you is there, plus the ACU Ram-a-Lamb and the Z Bag made up in Laurel Burch fabs that I showed you in another post. There is an assortment of Hold the Phone! Bags, as seen here:

Here are some other shots of some of the Hold the Phone! Bags. I think this one has a springy, Provençal feeling to it.



Here's another in pretty pastels with gold, metallic accents. I quilted in a gold, metallic thread:



The Hold the Phone! Bags in the last picture here are also available. One is made from part of a BDU uniform and the other are golf-themed fabs. Perfect for guys or the sportsminded gal!

The red-handled bag on the left here is also available ...

as are a few like this:

There is also a very cool Storm Bag available. It can bee seen by clicking here. Here's a close up for you:

It's denim and some very cool celestial fabs. They all have gold, metallic highlights.

If you aren't local and are interested in any of these bags, please let me know! I can go grab them for you.

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Special Fabric!

We got some fun fabric in today for a special order! It's for a Hold the Phone! Bag to hook to a leash. I think I need to come up with a name just for these. Any ideas?

It's a bright, colorful, kicky fab. I ran it past my Guide Dog for the Color Blind, to see if he had any ideas for the lining and accents.

Dave - Guide Dog for the Color Blind

We took it down to the Studio after I washed it and he got right to work.

I forgot I had that lime green piece. Dave didn't; he loves it.

I think it's a "go". I'll get it back from him after his well-deserved nap.

I can't wait to play with this!

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hold the Phone! Bags

Some new Hold the Phone! Bags and the BDU Deeve Bag hit the mail on Monday. They should arrive at their destinations by tomorrow, at the latest.

Along with the Deeve and its HTP! Bag, Shelli and Sitka will be receiving this HTP! Bag:

Shelli asked for one to hold their "good neighbor bags", to hook onto Sitka's leash. I thought this would match Sitka's UGA collar nicely. I used a new leash for the strap and hardward. Here's a peek inside.

The spots echo the freckles on my Guide Dog for the Color Blind's muzzle.

For Penny, something fun and bold.

I thought the coffee theme was a good fit for her, along with the vibrant color scheme. And to pay homage to her Meeshka and the Husky United Liberation Army (HULA) hoop, a little fun with fabric:

It seemed the right thing to do.

For Bobbie, something to match her new spring bag:

Fun colors to play with and cool, new variegated threads for the quilting.

I used the same new green on Penny's HTP! Bag and a very cool black to white variegated thread on Shelli & Sitka's. What FUN!

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Deeve Bag

I've gotten a lot of good, productive sewing done lately. My favorite is a new Deeve Bag, made from some of my hubby's old BDUs and a favorite fab I bought when we lived in Korea. Here it is!

Hanging alone, above, or sitting, below, with the Hold the Phone! Bag attached.

Below is a detail shot of the closure. It's the side-tab from the BDUs and a uniform button.

Here it is, open:

The placket made from the accent fab is just there for contrast. I love the zebra!

Here's the Hold the Phone! Bag:

The strap is made from the ribbon used to cinch up the pant legs on the BDUs.

Speaking of straps, here's the top detail on the purse strap:

The straps are connected to a nice, heavy D-ring of sorts which is laced through some grommets. Love the grommets!

And lastly, here is a peek inside.

There's a nice-sized pocket in there. Do you love that map fab? I only have scraps left. And a vest I made from it. Hmm... I may have to cut that vest up!

Thanks for reading!