Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Storm Bag for Shelli

In my last post, I gave you a preview of a Hold the Phone! Bag - or Good Neighbor Bag Bag - I made for Sitka. Zim was modeling it on his snooter for us ... here's another take:

Zim with Sitka's new bag

I also dropped a hint that I had a special surprise for Shelli - Sitka's mom! I was inspired by the VERY cool black floral fabric she sent me, so I took that and invited it to play with others I had on-hand. Here's is Shelli's Storm Bag and its coordinating Hold the Phone! Bag:

I redesigned the top/strap area. I made a thin cording out of some pink camo fabric, then laced it through grommets! (Yes, I am on a grommet kick!)

You can also see another shot of the Storm Bag here. (Keep scrolling to the last picture.)

Here's a peek inside:

You can also get a good look at the HTP! Bag there. And remember, the Storm Bag is reversible! Here's a look at it "turned":

In that shot, I have the handles/drawstrings pulled double, so it's like a handbag; in the first photo of the bag, they're in the extended shoulder bag length. The Storm does adapt well!

Here's a detail shot of the top-stitching I did on each of the pockets:

Here is a look at all three bags together:

Aren't Shelli and Sitka going to look STYLISH together?

Here are a few close-ups of Shelli's HTP! Bag:

The inside is the same fab I used for Sitka's HTP!/Good Neighbor Bag Bag - the one Dave picked out for me:

I couldn't decide whether to do the quilting and top-stitching in pink or green, so I opted for both. I also appliqu├ęd some of the pink camo twill (a fav with two family members) on the outside:

Last, but by no means least, here is Sitka's HTP!/Good Neighbor Bag Bag all filled up and ready to go:

Along with holding a fresh supply of "Good Neighbor" bags (my term for plastic bags you carry to police up after your pup!), Zim thought we should tuck a treat in there for his favorite girl!

Oh! I quilted in Glow in the Dark quilting thread! Not sure if it will actually "glow" on those late-night/early-morning walks, but it looks cool in the closet - LOL! Here's a shot of that:

I actually did try to take a picture of it in the dark closet, as did Shelli, but that just doesn't really work! She did send a SWEET picture of Sitka with her new bag:

Sitka, trying her paw at snooter balancing

I'm not sure, but I think Sitka will be happier with it hooked onto her leash. :)

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  1. HA ROO! This is pawsome!!! The glow in the dark thread is super cool in the closet. We have not tried it out on early am/dark pm walkies yet. What an excellent write up on this fab storm back. Sitka and I sure are stylish - especially now that we match!!! It sure was a nice surprise!!!

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  3. Do puppies fit in a HTP bag?



    PeeEssWoo: I khan't wait to surprise my doggy nanny with some KZK Khreations!


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