Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shelly's Ram-A-Lamb

Here are some shots of one of my most favorite RALs in the "line" - one made for a couple very dear friends! ;) You can read the full story here.

Here is Shelly with her RAL, just after Jan and Hollybollyboo delivered it!

Holly presenting Shelly with her Ram-a-Lamb

And here is Shelly now, enjoying her RAL!

Shelly stands at 5'9" - her bag is a great fit!

And now ... the pictures you've all been waiting for ........ here is Summi with his mummi's Ram-a-Lamb!

Summi and Summi's mummi's bag

Is he cute enough?

Yeah, I think so, too!

Thanks Shelly, Summi and Holly for the great modeling jobs!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coffee Anyone?

I finished a Super Shopper yesterday; a friend wanted a tote to give as a Christmas gift. She asked for bright, bold and fun. I put two groupings together and sent her the photos. I offered her a choice of the fabs my trusty Guide Dog for the Color Blind is displaying at this link ... or this grouping:

She went with mine. I mean "with the coffee prints." Here's a look at the front:

...and the back:

The straps are over-the-shoulder length, like on Shelli's. I think the yellow/gold really adds some excitement to the tote!

Here's a shot that shows you the pocket details and the quilting.

I used a King Tut variegated thread this time; it was my first time with the King. Loved it. It's 923 "Fahl Green". Very nice. Here's another look:

A very pleasant quilting experience. Here's a look at the strap detail:

The strap color really works. I tried others, but they were sort of "decaf in a caffeinated world". :) They got lost, really. These are just as bold as the bag, but don't compete. "A good blend", in keeping with our coffee talk.

Here's a look inside:

I actually forgot I had this fab, yet it's a companion piece to some of the others I used! I was SO happy to "find" it. I bought it for a Stack and Whack that I know I'll never do and it was just PERFECT for the lining of this Super Shopper! Yea!

Thanks for the order - and thanks for reading!

Monday, July 28, 2008

New Boo!

I got a new Boo Tote done over the weekend and couldn't wait to show you! Here it is:

I love this tote! The fabs are so fun! Here's a close-up of the front:

How cute is the Sibe?!?!

Here's a detail shot of the strap; I used a deep brown thread for the straps and for the top stitching along the top of the bag. The straps are re-purposed, new leashes.

Here's a peek inside:

I hope this tote makes you smile as much as it does me! :)

Thanks for reading,

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Boo Tote

The Boo Tote is strong, stylish, and is ready to haul everything home for you!

The Boo is one of our totes and therefore does not come with a coordinating Hold the Phone! Bag. An example of the Boo can be seen at right!

The Boo is fully lined and has "grab and go" style carrying handles; they go all the way around the tote and are tucked into the bottom seam. STRONG is the operative word! In this case, they are made from re-purposed, new leashes. The Boo Tote goes for an introductory price of $25.

The Boo is named after our MalaPal, Hollybollyboo. :) She is strong, quite stylish, and fully capable of carrying a heavy load for you!

Thanks for reading,

Friday, July 25, 2008

THE Super Shopper

I just showed you a Super Shopper the other day, and now ... let's see my latest! The first one was bright and girlie and PINK... but I really needed to make one for the Super Shopper himself. Check it out!

That's right... digital camo! How fun is that?!? Here's the reverse:

I just love it. If he doesn't use it, I'm stealing it back. LOL! I lined it with a great flag print; here's a look inside:

He wanted shorter straps -- handle length. That worked out great. It's more "grab and go" and ... manly. :)

Let's peek inside a bit further and have a look at the inside pocket:

Lots of room for coupons, your list, your phone... whatever! And don't forget there are two exterior pockets! Let me stick my hand in one for you:

Can you see the cool quilting I did? Maybe you can see it better on the other pocket:

Is that fun? I used the Bear Brown Twister Tweed by Robison-Anton Textiles that my favorite bag-a-holic sent me. I did the swirls on the two exterior pockets and did a free-form criss-cross on the body of the bag. Here's a good look at that:

You can also see the lining popping up, almost like pipping.

That's all for now; I need to hit the Studio and get working on some orders!

Thanks for reading!

The Super Shopper

The Super Shopper will bring home everything you need from the store – and then some! It’s strong, good-looking, and will even take care of your coupons! Don’t head out for groceries without it!

The Super Shopper is one of our totes and therefore does not come with a coordinating Hold the Phone! Bag. Please see one example at right!

The Super Shopper is quilted outside and in! The quilted lining peaks above the outer bag by about 1/8 of an inch, almost like piping. It has over the shoulder carrying straps or can be made with shorter carrying handles. The Super Shopper has an exterior pocket on the front and the back and also boasts an interior pocket. The Super Shopper tote goes for an introductory price of $35.

The Super Shopper is named after my husband. :) He really does bring home everything I need from the store – and then some! He’s very strong, good-looking, and yes, he will take and use my coupons! When I do head out for groceries without him... I end up forgetting some things and not being able to find others. He truly IS the Super Shopper.

The Super Shopper with his Super Shopper (short-handled variety)

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Michelle's RAL

I've been a busy bag lady lately! :) It's too fun; I'm thoroughly enjoying the process! Before I show you Michelle's Ram-a-Lamb, for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, please look in my sidebar! I've added a section of links to a supplemental blog, Bags by KZK Extras. There, you'll find more details about each bag, and bag owners modeling them! It may give you a better idea about which bag best suits you! Or maybe you'll need a few...

The latest Ram-a-Lamb went out to Colorado for Michelle. She asked for purple as the featured color; I sent her some pictures of different fabrics and she chose two that just SING together! She asked for fabric straps through grommets, like on Kathie's bag. Here's a look at the bag:

Here's a closer look at one of the pockets (there is a pocket on each side of the bag):

I used a YLI variegated thread ("Jewel") for the decorative stitching. I love the effect I got! Here's a peek inside the bag:

I think I would seriously consider using this one inside out on occasion. Just ... because.

Here's the Hold the Phone! Bag:

It is made of denim and both of the purples! Here's a closer look:

I couldn't resist doing the decorative stitching on it, too! It almost looks alpine, doesn't it?

I wanted to add some glass beads and a charm before shipping it out - here's a look at them:

Don't look for them on the other photos; I forgot to add them until I had already shot those. :)

Hope you enjoy your bag, Michelle!

Thanks for reading!

The Storm Bag

The Storm Bag is small, strong, and a bit on the scrappy side. The Storm can change in a flash: it’s fully reversible!

The Storm Bag comes with a coordinating Hold the Phone! Bag. An example can be seen at right; please check the main blog for more examples, as this bag has many different "looks" to it!. There is at least one pocket on each side of the Storm bag, perfect for holding your keys. It's not just lined, it's designed to be 100% reversible. Two great looks in one bag! You'll be surprised by how much it will carry for you! The Storm Bag is $50.

The straps can either be fabric tucked into the top of the bag (like the one pictured in the upper right corner), polypro, or with cool "drawstring" straps laced through grommets. With that option, you can "wear" your Storm bag at two different lengths. (Please see this link for a good look at the straps!)

The Storm Bag is named after my black and white female Siberian Husky, Stormy. She is small, strong, and (when provoked) a bit on the scrappy side. And she can change in a flash. (I mean that in the nicest way possible - she is SUCH a love!) ;)

Thanks for reading!

The Deeve Bag

The Deeve Bag is the dependable, go-to bag; you’ll want to take it everywhere! The Deeve always shows a special attention to color selection.

The Deeve Bag comes with a coordinating Hold the Phone! Bag. An example can be seen at right. The outside of the Deeve Bag is quilted; like all of our bags, it is fully lined. It has at a minimum one interior pocket. Strap styles vary - be sure to check the main blog for more examples! (Just type "Deeve" in the search blog box in the upper left corner!) The Deeve Bag is $50.

The Deeve is named after my black and white male Siberian Husky, Dave. My dependable, go-to Guide Dog for the Color Blind, who I can take anywhere. :)

Thanks for reading!

The Ram-a-Lamb

Don't be fooled by how cute it is - the Ram-a-Lamb is our strongest bag! It will hold all of your stuff and ask for more. It's a worker. And's a bit on the fuzzy side!

The Ram-a-Lamb (or RAL) Bag comes with a coordinating Hold the Phone! Bag. Many examples can be seen on the main blog (please enter Ram-a-Lamb in the blog search box in the upper left corner) and at right.

The RAL Bag is quilted and fully lined, and has a "frayed-edge" finish. You could reverse it and have the fuzz on the inside, if you'd like. It has at a minimum two exterior pockets. They're great for catching your keys! The exterior is usually denim, though not always. Straps vary on the bag! They are either fabric sewn into the top of the bag, fabric threaded through grommets, "re-purposed" new leashes threaded through grommets, or even polypro. The RAL is $50.

Your Ram-a-Lamb bag can be machine washed (cold water) and thrown in the dryer (medium). For bags with removable straps, please do remove them first and wash them separately.

I'd rather not give exact dimensions of the bags on the net, due to copyrighting issues, but it's approximately 12 x 12 inches, and 4 inches deep. All bags have our signature tag on them; they hold up fine in the wash, just please don't hit them with a hot iron.

The Ram-a-Lamb is named after my red and white female Siberian Husky, Amber. She is all things sweet, innocent and cute... and is also one of the strongest Siberians I've ever had the privilege of knowing! She will do every task we give her and ask for more. She loves to work ... and yes, she is a bit on the fuzzy side. She has the thickest coat I've ever seen!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Z Bag

The Z Bag is everyone’s favorite! The Z is fun, kicky and a bit on the playful side. Just having it with you will make you smile.

The Z Bag comes with a coordinating Hold the Phone! Bag. An example is shown at right!

The Z Bag is quilted and fully lined. Details include a large button with loop closure, and something cool up at the top of the strap. :) It varies; I've been doing fun buttons lately or a fabric accent. The Z also has at least one interior pocket, usually two; some Z Bags also have an exterior pocket! It goes for $69.95.

The Z is named after my red and white male Siberian Husky, Zim. He, without a doubt, is fun, kicky, and a bit on the playful side. And rest assured, having him with you will certainly make you smile. ;)

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Design: The Super Shopper!

Here is the second of my new tote designs! This one is called The Super Shopper!

The Super Shopper - front

The Super Shopper will bring home everything you need from the store – and then some! It’s strong, good-looking, and will even take care of your coupons! Don’t head out for groceries without it!

The Super Shopper - back

This one is quite colorful and girlie; I'm currently cutting one out that anyone will be happy to carry!

In the center panel on both the front and back, there is a pocket for your phone, shopping list, your coupons - anything! Here's a closer look:

Front pocket detail

Isn't the touch of pink camo cute? Love it. Here's the back pocket:

Back pocket detail

I know. The golf glove thing looks odd, but it was handy (no pun intended) and it helped show that it's a pocket!

Detail shot

Can you see the quilting on there, too? The outside is quilted in a variegated green YLI thread - Grass is the color. I also did two lines of top-stitching along the top of the bag in it; you can see it fairly well here:

You can also see that I made the lining stick up about 1/8 of an inch for a little accent. And yes, the straps are re-purposed (new) dog leashes. I LOVE the pink! They're over-the-shoulder in length.

Let's look inside!

Yep. Hot pink camo - tell me that won't make shopping more fun! There's also another pocket inside. And the inside is quilted - this time in pink. This is one STRONG bag!

As I mentioned in the last post, totes don't "come with" a Hold the Phone! Bag. I did recently make one, however, that does coordinate with this Super Shopper. For those of you who read my dogs' blog, you've already seen it. And you know that it took me four days to get this shot:

Many thanks to Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind, for being so kind as to pose for me. (Feel free to amuse yourselves with Day One, Day Two, Day Three and Day Four of my "trials", as found at those links.) The HTP! Bag was made as part of a "shower gift" for Shelli's new puppy, Cornelia Marie. Since Sitka already has a HTP! Bag to hold her poop bags that matches her leash, it's only fair that Cornelia Marie should have one to match hers. :)

Here's a close-up. I quilted in pink.

The strap/handle is part of a leash. I didn't like the hardware that came with it, so I removed it and substituted a lovely toggle clasp. It's oval and has a great feel to it. Here's a look:

I was very pleased with how Cornelia Marie's HTP! Bag came out - and the Super Shopper! It's a design I've been re-tooling for a long time. As I told Shelli, I drew my last draft of the pattern in the steam of the shower door one morning, then had to go SEW before I forgot what I was doing! Since the fabs match C-Marie's bag AND Sitka's .... and Shelli's Storm Bag ... it only seemed right to send it southward. I hope ALL the girls like their new bags. ;)

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Design: The Boo Tote!

I decided I should add a line of totes to Bags by KZK. They'll be larger than my regular bags and will not come with coodinating Hold the Phone! Bags. They're designed for hauling groceries, books, supplies of all sorts, anything! You'll want many. :)

The first one is called the Boo Tote and is already in its new home. Here it is!

The Boo Tote is strong, stylish, and is ready to haul everything home for you! It's about 18 inches wide by 20 inches high and has strong nylon webbing straps. They're "handle" length; easy to pick up and go!

My group of Siberian Husky and Malamute owning friends, the SiberMal Society, is having a "Christmas in July" exchange. I'd been wanting to do something for Jan with that wolf fabric - she saw it when I got it and loved it. I was delighted when I drew her name and thought the timing was perfect; I could make her a tote with it for "Christmas"! :)

Here's a detail shot for you:

Cool, don't you think? Yes, the straps are really new leashes that I'm re-purposing.

Like all of my bags, the Boo Tote is fully lined. I chose some pretty ivy on white bricks print to go with the outer fab:

I hope you all like it! I'll post the other new design within a few days!

Thanks for reading!