Friday, July 25, 2008

The Super Shopper

The Super Shopper will bring home everything you need from the store – and then some! It’s strong, good-looking, and will even take care of your coupons! Don’t head out for groceries without it!

The Super Shopper is one of our totes and therefore does not come with a coordinating Hold the Phone! Bag. Please see one example at right!

The Super Shopper is quilted outside and in! The quilted lining peaks above the outer bag by about 1/8 of an inch, almost like piping. It has over the shoulder carrying straps or can be made with shorter carrying handles. The Super Shopper has an exterior pocket on the front and the back and also boasts an interior pocket. The Super Shopper tote goes for an introductory price of $35.

The Super Shopper is named after my husband. :) He really does bring home everything I need from the store – and then some! He’s very strong, good-looking, and yes, he will take and use my coupons! When I do head out for groceries without him... I end up forgetting some things and not being able to find others. He truly IS the Super Shopper.

The Super Shopper with his Super Shopper (short-handled variety)

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