Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Design: The Boo Tote!

I decided I should add a line of totes to Bags by KZK. They'll be larger than my regular bags and will not come with coodinating Hold the Phone! Bags. They're designed for hauling groceries, books, supplies of all sorts, anything! You'll want many. :)

The first one is called the Boo Tote and is already in its new home. Here it is!

The Boo Tote is strong, stylish, and is ready to haul everything home for you! It's about 18 inches wide by 20 inches high and has strong nylon webbing straps. They're "handle" length; easy to pick up and go!

My group of Siberian Husky and Malamute owning friends, the SiberMal Society, is having a "Christmas in July" exchange. I'd been wanting to do something for Jan with that wolf fabric - she saw it when I got it and loved it. I was delighted when I drew her name and thought the timing was perfect; I could make her a tote with it for "Christmas"! :)

Here's a detail shot for you:

Cool, don't you think? Yes, the straps are really new leashes that I'm re-purposing.

Like all of my bags, the Boo Tote is fully lined. I chose some pretty ivy on white bricks print to go with the outer fab:

I hope you all like it! I'll post the other new design within a few days!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Very nice, Karen, and I bet Jan loves it. It will have so many uses too. And we all know how much she loves those wolves. Good job AGAIN!!!


  2. That's great! I've been thinking of buying some reusable grocery bags. Maybe I need the Boo Tote!


    PS. Where did the name come from?

  3. What did Jan say when she opened up her package??? I LOVE this new bag. It is the perfect BOO bag!

  4. I LOVE that inside fabric. Maybe my bag could have something like that.


  5. It's HollyBollyWOOOOOtiful!

    Just think how many much kibble and/or khans of green beans it will hold!


  6. I think this is the tote for me. I need one strong enough to hold 4-5 books and a notebook, and figure Khady Lynn weighs about what that would weigh... Hmmm. The Boo Tote is fun!

    What a great model Khady is too--did she get paid with treats or snooter kisses?


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