Sunday, September 27, 2009

Deeve In Progress

I think instead of posting my updates to FaceBook, I need to start blogging them. It's just it's so EASY with FB and my iPhone. I love technology!

I've actually finished this Deeve Bag but haven't had the chance to do a photo shoot with the good camera. Here are some iPhone shots.

The Deeve Bag is denim (out of recycled jeans) with a map-print lining. I also used another tan print for interior pockets. This shot shows the outside of the bag with the map-print as the placket (Trace, that's for you) and the open lining with the pocket pinned on.

Rather than using polypro webbing for the strap - it just didn't look right! - I made a denim one, with a touch of the map print.

Thick, thick, thick! And strong! #90 needle and my #8 foot, for Bernina aficionados. I also had to use my leveling thingies. You know... those plastic thingies seen here:

I have no idea what they're called, but they sure do make a difference. If anyone knows, drop me a line. Or make up a good name and let me know.

Here's the bag, taking shape:

Mmm... no, I'm pretty sure I still had one or two pins left over. I love pins; they are your friends.

Aren't the buttons cool? None of my big ones looked right with this bag, so I went with two smaller ones. They sort of have a compass design on them, so I thought they were a good choice with the maps! I also thought it was incredibly cool that a friend in Scotland has the SAME buttons only in silver.

Sometimes hammering the grommets in can be very enjoyable. Freeing. Cathartic. Going through thick denim, batting, and cotton fabric means pounding hard. Very hard. ☺

Here is the connecting the straps part:

Do you like my screwdriver? It's a Husky. Years ago, some guys who were here to repair the controls for our watering system asked if I had a tiny screwdriver and if so, could they borrow it. I gave them my screwdriver and jokingly said, "Don't break it!" Of course... they did. Ha ha ha. Doesn't that figure? I assured them I didn't care; it was just a screwdriver. They brought me the one above the next day anyway, saying they couldn't find one in their company's color (blue) but maybe I'd like this one since it's a Husky. How perfect! I love it!

Here's how the bag looks!

I like this one a BIT too much; I may not let it go. (Just kidding, Joni.)

I made the Hold the Phone! Bag last - I usually do. Here they are, all set to be photographed:

I attached some wooden beads (this called out for "natural" type embellishments) and a sort of beach glass looking bead.

Will get better photos this week and get it wrapped up and in the mail.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What Else Can I Get Into...

I'm thinking of sharing my personal/gift quilts on this blog, too. How does that sound? I'm also starting to branch out in my sewing, not letting the fact that I don't know what I'm doing slow me down. As readers of the Ao4 Digest know, lately that has included limited slip dog collars...

...and pouffy "quilts" for the pups.

It may not be a fine family heirloom, but Amber likes it. It's two layers of high-loft poly batting sandwiched between two different pink camo twills. Sturdy, yet feminine. And I have to fold it in half to fit it in the carrier.

I could have sworn I measured better than that - but it makes it even more comfy for Am. And ...

...for Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind. Apparently not phased by the PINK. :)

Stay tuned for the latest Deeve Bag and then for quilts!

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Monday, September 21, 2009


I meant to add this to yesterday's post, but I forgot. Ooops.

I can't get enough of these fabrics. Sigh.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Behind Again... Naturally

Or something like that!

I'm way behind on posting. I still owe you all pix of the Deeve Bag and coordinating Super Shopper I told you about last time. Let's get to it!

Front and back of the Super Shopper:

Hey... how cool that Blogger's letting me do that! Thank you for the new formatting options! Here's a peak inside:

Two different fabs, plus the pink for a pocket! Check out the stitching along the top of the pocket:

A fun stitch, plus I love how the teal-ish thread ties everything together! Here's a close-up of the outside detail:

That was my first "X in a box" stitching; I thought it would make the straps extra secure.

Let's look at the Deeve Bag! Front:

And the back:

Here's a close-up of the placket area and the glass beads on the Hold the Phone! Bag:

And here the two bags are together:

Sherri, I hope your friend loves her bags as much as I do! :) And if she's out there reading... I'd LOVE photos of you with your new bags! (My email address is over in the sidebar!) Thanks again for your order!

And thank you for reading!

(Thanks to my sis over at Queen of Seaford for filling me in on how to do the sig!)