Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Even More Gorgeous Models!

That's right! Three posts in a row showing some of the most gorgeous models in the blogosphere! Do you remember the Hold the Phone! Bag I made for Sharla? Her three girls posed with it for me - I feel so honored!

Here is Angel, giving it a thorough inspection:

She truly looks like an angel, doesn't she? And here's Isabella:

Sharla said Isabella sniffed it all over, then snuggled with it - and added she must have smelled Zim on it. :) How sweet is that?

Last, but by no means least, here is Sadie with HER HTP! Bag:

Sharla said Sadie wasn't too interested in snooter hanging, but gave it a go anyway! Didn't she do great?! Excellent job, Sadie! I hope you and your kit-cat sisters were rewarded for all your hard work!

Thanks for some priceless pictures, Sharla, and for the opportunity to make this bag for you! These pix of your beautiful girls and our new friendship have put a wonderfully warm smile on my face!

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Gorgeous Models!

I was sent some great pix this past week by the Macon Bag-a-holic that show two of her gorgeous girls with her latest bags. I love seeing our bags in action, being put to use in their new homes! Let's see how these lovely Southern belles like Shelli's new bags!

First off, they had to make sure the MacBook Pro was going to fit in its new LapPack. Here is Sitka, checking it out:

Sitka, with Shelli's LapPack

Looks like a good fit; let's see what Cornelia Marie thinks!

Cornelia Marie checks out the MacBook Pro in the LapPack

I think she gave it a "paws up", too!

I also sent Shelli a Huffle Duffel to hold her great new camera. Let's see how that fits!

Looks good, doesn't it?

Let's see it with the drawstrings snugged up!

Perfect! I wonder what the girls think of the Huffle Duffel? Here they both are, checking it out:

They both seem to like it...

Sitka, making off with the Huffle Duffel

... but I guess Sitka REALLY likes it! ☺

Who can blame her? All girls like new bags! ☺

Shelli, thanks for the great photos, another fun couple of bags, and - as always - your dear friendship. And many thanks to the girls for a splendid modeling job! I do believe we have the most beautiful models here at Bags by KZK!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bag Photos!

I LOVE getting photos of my bags in their new homes and today's email from Sherri just delighted me! I had to share with all of you! Are you ready?

Here is the very beautiful Mochi checking everything out:

Sherri's laptops and the LapPacks are great "fits"! Here's the pink peacocks:

...and the fun pinks and chocolates and lime!

I also made a Hold the Phone! Bag to hook up to Mochi's leash, to hold all those dog-walking essentials (camera, phone, bags). Sherri had Mochi do a little snooter hanging for us! Check her out!

Mochi looking very serious. And a wee bit put-upon.

Just PERFECT! Sherri, I hope Mochi was amply rewarded for her hard work! ☺

I also kicked a golf-themed HTP! Bag in for Sherri's husband! My hubby has found all kinds of uses for his - from holding his phone to holding tees and ball markers! Sherri got a GREAT picture of Mochi with it. I can't stop smiling at this picture!

I do believe Mochi's smiling, too! How can you look at her and not smile back? Totally contagious smile!

Thanks for the wonderful pix, Sherri, for your order, and the new friendship we've formed! (That last one is the best!) Many, many thanks to Mochi for an outstanding modeling job!

And thank you for reading!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Hold the Phone! (and more!) bag!

I was recently contact by Sharla over at the Beaded Tail about a Hold the Phone! Bag. She wanted one to hook up to Sadie's leash, large enough to hold phone, camera, poop bags - the essentials! Sadie sports a red leash, so one that would coordinate with that - and one that would be manly enough looking, so Sharla's hubby could use it, too! Cool!

My Guide Dog for the Color Blind (GCFTCB) and I put our heads together and came up with this!

Sharla likes the leash-style hardware, so I went with that! She can easily hook it to Sadie's leash, around her arm, or to a belt!

Here's a look at the other side:

I quilted in a King Tut variegated thread - reds! Here's a closer look!

That main fabric is easily one of my favs!

Let's take a peek inside!

Fully lined, with Velcro to help hold everything inside!

I haven't tasked any of the members of the Ao4 to do any snooter hanging lately. Since the bag was for Sadie, I asked around and Dave, GDFTCB, was happy to model it.

Dave and Sadie's (Sharla's!) HTP! Bag

Dave and I hope you like your new bag, Sharla - and that it accommodates everything you want it too. Dave thought there might be enough room in there for cookies, so Sadie can have some treats on her walks. :)

Thanks for the opportunity, Sharla!

And thank you for reading!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hold the Phone! (and more) Bag

I just finished up a slightly over-sized Hold the Phone! Bag for Valerie. She wanted something she could use to carry those dog-walking essentials when she's out with Steve and Kat. She asked for purple; here's what I came up with!

Isn't it cute? I paired this fun fab up with a little blue scrap ...

...quilted in a King Tut variegated purple, and used purple on the inside:

Two sets of Velcro ought to keep everything securely in the bag!

Rather than a strap, she asked for a wide loop on the back that would accommodate her dog-walking belt. It's 4 inches wide (!) so I made just one long loop on the back, like so:

I put some interfacing in there for extra stability and doubled the fabric over. It should be strong as well as durable! I also made a little loop in the corner, in case she'd like to hook it up to a carabiner rather than lacing the belt through the "keeper".

I hope you like it, Valerie - and that it's the right size to hold everything! Thanks for the opportunity -

- and thank you for reading!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Latest for the Macon Bag-a-holic

As you may remember, I made Shelli the wrong-sized LapPack for her MacBook Pro. You also may remember that she kept the other one to use for other things. Love it! I went back and forth on her new right-sized LapPack - whether to go with the same color/fab theme, or to start fresh. I decided to go back to square one - just because. ☺ I used some really great canvas fabs she sent me a while ago! Check it out!

Why go for a plain front, when you could use both fabs? I mean ... really!

Here's a look inside - I used both the stripe and the toile in there, too.

Can you see my sort of twisted ribbons quilting? I used a glorious variegated Aurifil thread in turquoises/spa blues... really nice! (Shh! Don't tell the King ... but I do have just a couple other threads I like to use. My heart belongs to the King, though. Really.)

I had a lot of help choosing the button; we settled on one of the big, lush brown ones.

Like a lovely disc of chocolate sitting there.... isn't it?

The turquoise or spa blue and brown reminded me of my Quality Control Officer.

Zim and Shelli's LapPack

A good match, don't you think? Knowing it was for his girlfriend Sitka's mom, he gave it a thorough going over:

Is it just me, or does he really look like he's admiring my handiwork? Or maybe just checking his own reflection in the button.

Sorry. I didn't mean anything personal. Err... Siberian-al.

Shelli also wanted a Huffle Duffel to hold her new camera and its accessories. She left the fabs up to me. Here's what I came up with:

And here's the reverse side:

No, the Guide Dog for the Color Blind did not help! I pulled the fabs during an all-nighter with Stormy. (Storm, my oldest Sibe, is storm-phobic. Yes, I'm aware of the irony with her name. The Studio is downstairs and quieter/more protected from the elements than the bedroom. She can usually relax better down there and catch some zzz's. I stay with her, either watching old movies or working on a project. Once it's daylight, she does MUCH better!) Anyway... I think I was mighty creative that night!

Here's a look inside:

I don't usually go that bold. I think it was the storm. Not the Storm, but the storm. Just to clarify. ☺

Here's my favorite part of the bag:

Is the Beagle cute enough? I think so! I quilted in pink, just to add a little more color. LOLOLOL!

Shelli, you should have your bags Monday or Tuesday! I hope you enjoy them both! Thank you sooooo much for your repeat business!

And thank you for reading!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pink Peacock LapPack, Take Two in Action

Well, sort of in action! Kathie was kind enough to send me some pix of her LapPack with her MacBook happily residing inside! Let's take a look!

Here it is, all closed up:

And now, with the flap open:

Let's see how it "fits":

Not too tight, not too loose. I think that's about right, isn't it?

LapPack and a MacBook Pro

Thanks so much for the photos, Kathie! It's great to see the bag in action! :)

And thank you for reading!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Headband Gang

Do any of you remember the headbands I showed you a while ago? I sent them out to "The Headband Gang" for some testing. ☺ The flannel one went to Trace in Australia, since they're entering into Winter now. Let's see how it looks!

CUTE!!! How about a side shot?

Love it! I need one for Winter!

How about a headband with a more Summer-y look? Here's the youngest, sweetest member of the Headband Gang (☺), the OP Pack's grandkidlet!

Great job modeling! It's a wee bit large; I made a smaller one and sent it with a bag order! It matches Shelli's -- remember seeing hers? Here are a couple more looks at it!

Très chic! I love the camera in the mirror one:

And check this out:

Great capture! Shelli and the other testers thought the headband as-is was a bit wide; I have to agree. She folded it in a bit - looks great, doesn't it?

I'll make the next batch more narrow!

The pix Valerie took just crack me up! Here's the before:

Love her hair! Love it! Then she took a very cute headband shot...
...and then, the 80s shot:

Valerie Newton-John

LOL! I love it!

Many, many thanks to all the beautiful members of the Headband Gang for modeling their headbands for me! You're the best!!!

Thanks for reading!