Monday, June 15, 2009

Hold the Phone! (and more) Bag

I just finished up a slightly over-sized Hold the Phone! Bag for Valerie. She wanted something she could use to carry those dog-walking essentials when she's out with Steve and Kat. She asked for purple; here's what I came up with!

Isn't it cute? I paired this fun fab up with a little blue scrap ...

...quilted in a King Tut variegated purple, and used purple on the inside:

Two sets of Velcro ought to keep everything securely in the bag!

Rather than a strap, she asked for a wide loop on the back that would accommodate her dog-walking belt. It's 4 inches wide (!) so I made just one long loop on the back, like so:

I put some interfacing in there for extra stability and doubled the fabric over. It should be strong as well as durable! I also made a little loop in the corner, in case she'd like to hook it up to a carabiner rather than lacing the belt through the "keeper".

I hope you like it, Valerie - and that it's the right size to hold everything! Thanks for the opportunity -

- and thank you for reading!


  1. Love it. I don't use a walking belt but maybe there is more than one way to use this:)

  2. All you ladies out there who can't find workout pants with pockets, this is what you need!


  3. those are the most beautiful Peacock colours in my view!

    I am back blogging on my blog, I had a bit of a bloggers block, due to things happening here!

    Marv is ok, he sprained his side apparently and has some pain killers, thank goodness it was only this and not a stroke as I was worried about it being.

    Letty xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. So bright and cheerful! Wonderful!

  5. That fabric looks familiar!

    Lovely job as always.


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