Friday, June 19, 2009

Bag Photos!

I LOVE getting photos of my bags in their new homes and today's email from Sherri just delighted me! I had to share with all of you! Are you ready?

Here is the very beautiful Mochi checking everything out:

Sherri's laptops and the LapPacks are great "fits"! Here's the pink peacocks:

...and the fun pinks and chocolates and lime!

I also made a Hold the Phone! Bag to hook up to Mochi's leash, to hold all those dog-walking essentials (camera, phone, bags). Sherri had Mochi do a little snooter hanging for us! Check her out!

Mochi looking very serious. And a wee bit put-upon.

Just PERFECT! Sherri, I hope Mochi was amply rewarded for her hard work! ☺

I also kicked a golf-themed HTP! Bag in for Sherri's husband! My hubby has found all kinds of uses for his - from holding his phone to holding tees and ball markers! Sherri got a GREAT picture of Mochi with it. I can't stop smiling at this picture!

I do believe Mochi's smiling, too! How can you look at her and not smile back? Totally contagious smile!

Thanks for the wonderful pix, Sherri, for your order, and the new friendship we've formed! (That last one is the best!) Many, many thanks to Mochi for an outstanding modeling job!

And thank you for reading!


  1. that is a mighty fine model you have there!!! Oh and the bags rock too LOL!!!

  2. Rut Roh!

    Another snooter modelling Sibe!

    Tank woo fur sharing the pawesome pikhs of your khreative efFURts!

    Keep 'em khoming!

    A NonSnooter Model

  3. The bags are all wonderful but the model stole the show! Mochi did a great job snooter modeling!

  4. Beautiful bags, beautiful model. Another winner!!!

  5. Mochi did an excellent job of modelling and totally looks like she enjoyed the second picture a lot more :) Lovely work as always.

  6. Mochi is just bewoootiful.

    and so is the bag!

    you are truly the creative one, I am jelly!

    love Letty xxxxx

  7. We love all of them! Mochi got lots of treats for the snooter hanging, but she was definitely happier to do the last one! LOL! Thank you for everything and for the awesome friendship! :)


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