Friday, June 12, 2009

The Headband Gang

Do any of you remember the headbands I showed you a while ago? I sent them out to "The Headband Gang" for some testing. ☺ The flannel one went to Trace in Australia, since they're entering into Winter now. Let's see how it looks!

CUTE!!! How about a side shot?

Love it! I need one for Winter!

How about a headband with a more Summer-y look? Here's the youngest, sweetest member of the Headband Gang (☺), the OP Pack's grandkidlet!

Great job modeling! It's a wee bit large; I made a smaller one and sent it with a bag order! It matches Shelli's -- remember seeing hers? Here are a couple more looks at it!

Très chic! I love the camera in the mirror one:

And check this out:

Great capture! Shelli and the other testers thought the headband as-is was a bit wide; I have to agree. She folded it in a bit - looks great, doesn't it?

I'll make the next batch more narrow!

The pix Valerie took just crack me up! Here's the before:

Love her hair! Love it! Then she took a very cute headband shot...
...and then, the 80s shot:

Valerie Newton-John

LOL! I love it!

Many, many thanks to all the beautiful members of the Headband Gang for modeling their headbands for me! You're the best!!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Mom and I are SOOO smiling!

    Now, I wonder how Huffle would look in one?

    Khyra and Her Mom

  2. And the little kidlet loves her new one - fits better and looks just as cute if not cuter.

  3. They all look wonderful in their headbands!

  4. We look awesome! :) You do need a flannel one for winter, seriously.

  5. LOL! I think everyone looks pretty good!

  6. Yup! Everyone looks great!


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