Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Gorgeous Models!

I was sent some great pix this past week by the Macon Bag-a-holic that show two of her gorgeous girls with her latest bags. I love seeing our bags in action, being put to use in their new homes! Let's see how these lovely Southern belles like Shelli's new bags!

First off, they had to make sure the MacBook Pro was going to fit in its new LapPack. Here is Sitka, checking it out:

Sitka, with Shelli's LapPack

Looks like a good fit; let's see what Cornelia Marie thinks!

Cornelia Marie checks out the MacBook Pro in the LapPack

I think she gave it a "paws up", too!

I also sent Shelli a Huffle Duffel to hold her great new camera. Let's see how that fits!

Looks good, doesn't it?

Let's see it with the drawstrings snugged up!

Perfect! I wonder what the girls think of the Huffle Duffel? Here they both are, checking it out:

They both seem to like it...

Sitka, making off with the Huffle Duffel

... but I guess Sitka REALLY likes it! ☺

Who can blame her? All girls like new bags! ☺

Shelli, thanks for the great photos, another fun couple of bags, and - as always - your dear friendship. And many thanks to the girls for a splendid modeling job! I do believe we have the most beautiful models here at Bags by KZK!

Thanks for reading!


  1. WOW!

    Zim's Babes are pawesome!

    And Zim's mom's bags are pawesome too!

    PeeEssWoo: my word was MUNKIE

  2. Thank YOU fo rbeing my dear friend and for making such lovely bags that SMELL SO GOOD! My camera has been in my Huffle Duffle and it SMELLS like your house now! YEAH! Hubby laughed at me when I did the happy dance because of that last night!

  3. Such beautiful models and great bags too! We got our HTP! bag today and it's perfect! Sadie isn't much of a model though but we're working on it!

  4. The beautiful models did such a great job! :) Those bags are so cute! And your bags do smell good!

  5. Those are great bags AGAIN and what gorgeous models.


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