Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Hold the Phone! (and more!) bag!

I was recently contact by Sharla over at the Beaded Tail about a Hold the Phone! Bag. She wanted one to hook up to Sadie's leash, large enough to hold phone, camera, poop bags - the essentials! Sadie sports a red leash, so one that would coordinate with that - and one that would be manly enough looking, so Sharla's hubby could use it, too! Cool!

My Guide Dog for the Color Blind (GCFTCB) and I put our heads together and came up with this!

Sharla likes the leash-style hardware, so I went with that! She can easily hook it to Sadie's leash, around her arm, or to a belt!

Here's a look at the other side:

I quilted in a King Tut variegated thread - reds! Here's a closer look!

That main fabric is easily one of my favs!

Let's take a peek inside!

Fully lined, with Velcro to help hold everything inside!

I haven't tasked any of the members of the Ao4 to do any snooter hanging lately. Since the bag was for Sadie, I asked around and Dave, GDFTCB, was happy to model it.

Dave and Sadie's (Sharla's!) HTP! Bag

Dave and I hope you like your new bag, Sharla - and that it accommodates everything you want it too. Dave thought there might be enough room in there for cookies, so Sadie can have some treats on her walks. :)

Thanks for the opportunity, Sharla!

And thank you for reading!


  1. I just KNOW that will get the BIG FLUFFY TAIL up AND Sadie Smile!

    Furry nice job Dave!


  2. Oh I LOVE it! I knew Dave would help you pick the perfect fabrics for Sadie's bag and he certainly did that! He did a great job modeling the bag too although I was taken with his handsomeness and forgot to look at the bag! Thank you so much!!

  3. Very nice, you are making the wheels go round in my head again.

  4. This looks pawsome!!!

  5. you are so clever!

    from one who cannot even sew a button on!

    However when I was young, at school, we had a German Needlework teacher (don't ask!) and I possibly over reached myself with my embroidery talents. Trouble is she was such a bad teacher, I never wanted to pick up a needle again.

    The reverse side of the embroidery had to be as good as the embroidered side. Mine was perfect, every stitch.

    But a lifelong hate of needlework ensued!

    How I wish I had a better teacher and I could have produced such wonderful work as yours!

    Chewing Gum Queen Signing off!

    Jx oooops sorry Letty! ;0D

  6. Dang you are talented! You don't by chance make shopping cart covers for my Dear Son to fit in? Also, would it help if I added this blog to my recipe blog for advertisement? You should put your stuff on Etsy!

  7. what a cute post - great pic of Sadie! {:-Deb


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