Saturday, November 3, 2007


***Note from KZK:  I've moved this tutorial over from the a blog I used to 'ghost write' - the Bernina Boys Blog.  It's written from the perspective of one of the shop owner's Labs.***

Hi readers! Wow, thank you for all the comments you've left on our blog and for the emails! We really appreciate you stopping by, reading, and leaving a few words! How fun!

I know Moseley and I haven't posted for a while, but I've been working on something really, REALLY exciting and fun with our Ghost Writer. Remember a while ago Moseley showed you the Magic Nine Patch quilt? Yes, that's it! If you don't remember, click those hyperlinks as a reminder! It's the one called "Lazy Days-zies"! I really like that quilt and I wanted to know why our Ghost Writer calls it "magic"! I thought the best way to get to the bottom of it all was to interview her!

What follows is our interview: my initials for me (BL) and hers (KZK) for her. Are you with me? Let's get started!

BL: Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by me, Ghost Writer!

KZK: Sure thing, little Labrapup!

BL: I wanted to ask you about the "Lazy Days-zies" quilt. I love that quilt! Why do you call the pattern "Magic 9-Patch"?

KZK: It has to do with how it's constructed. You start with a very simple 9-patch, then slice it, rearrange it and sew it back together! Quick and easy, but with cool results!

BL: Will you show me how?

KZK: My pleasure. We'll do this using the same cool fabs I got from your mom's store...

BL: That's the Bernina Shoppe!

KZK: Very good, Bristol!

BL: Thanks. Can I have a cookie?

KZK: Let's get through this first, OK?

BL: Sigh.
KZK: Anyway... in the sample I used for the shop, I used three contrasting fabs. The one I wanted to feature in the largest areas was the floral ... then the lavender fab ... then just a splash of the green batik! That being said ... here is how I started for one block!

For each block, cut 4 squares of your "featured fabric", four squares of your second fab, and one square of your accent fab. They can be any size - I chose 6 inches for mine. (***editor's note: This has been corrected from "8 inches". You CAN use any size square, but mine were actually 6 inches. Sorry for any confusion! kzk)

Arrange them like so ...

then sew them together!

BL: On a Bernina, right?

KZK: Preferably, yes. I personally use a 440 QE.

BL: Can I have a cookie?

KZK: Stay with me, Bristol.

BL: OK, what happens next?

KZK: You're going to cut your big block into quarters! So find and mark the centers either by measuring or by folding it in half. Then cut along those marked lines!

BL: I'm a little confused.

KZK: No problem. Here are a couple videos of your mom showing you how! Just click the box, then click the "play button".

And again, click to activate, then hit the "play" button!

BL: Cool beans! I get it now! That seems pretty easy so far! When does the magic start?!?

KZK: Right now! You have 4 pieces now. You want to take two opposite corners and turn those pieces 180 degrees -- so the featured flower fab is in the middle! OK?

BL: Umm... can I have a cookie?

KZK: Bristol!

BL: OK... how about a video of that? It's a little confusing, too!

KZK: Here you go - though I warn you, I got a bit confused myself trying to explain it! It's easier just to show you!

BL: That IS like magic! It's like an interlocking chain ... or maybe lavender pinwheels or something! COOL!

KZK: I think it's cool, too - fun, quick and easy, yet interesting!

BL: Is that all there is to it?

KZK: That's it - just sew that "new" block together and you've got it! Add more blocks and make it as big as you'd like it!

BL: Have you made other projects with this pattern?

KZK: Yes. You can do all kinds of great stuff with it! I got a totally different "feel" to it using some Christmas fabrics. I haven't quilted it yet, but here's a table-runner I'm working on:

BL: Ooooh, cool! Hey, is that a member of the Army of Four with it? I always pick up their scents on you!

KZK: Yes, that's Dave. He always helps me with my quilts.

BL: He looks fun!

KZK: He is fun. Before we get side-tracked, this is really versatile and can be done "scrappy", too. That's going to be my next project, I think! Click here to see one I found on the web! It's a totally different look done in scraps! That blogger gave a great tutorial, too, in case mine was a bit lacking.

BL: I think you made perfect sense!

KZK: Thanks, Bristol! You're a sweet puppy!

BL: Thank you! Can I have a cookie now? Or wait! I have another idea ....

KZK: OK, good puppy! Let's play!


I hope you enjoyed my interview with our Ghost Writer. If you have any questions at ALL about the Magic 9-Patch, please leave us a comment, zip us an email or stop by and see me! We're always happy to help!

See you soon!