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***Note from KZK:  I've moved this tutorial over from the a blog I used to 'ghost write' - the Bernina Boys Blog.  It's written from the perspective of one of the shop owner's Labs.***

Hi readers! Wow, thank you for all the comments you've left on our blog and for the emails! We really appreciate you stopping by, reading, and leaving a few words! How fun!

I know Moseley and I haven't posted for a while, but I've been working on something really, REALLY exciting and fun with our Ghost Writer. Remember a while ago Moseley showed you the Magic Nine Patch quilt? Yes, that's it! If you don't remember, click those hyperlinks as a reminder! It's the one called "Lazy Days-zies"! I really like that quilt and I wanted to know why our Ghost Writer calls it "magic"! I thought the best way to get to the bottom of it all was to interview her!

What follows is our interview: my initials for me (BL) and hers (KZK) for her. Are you with me? Let's get started!

BL: Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by me, Ghost Writer!

KZK: Sure thing, little Labrapup!

BL: I wanted to ask you about the "Lazy Days-zies" quilt. I love that quilt! Why do you call the pattern "Magic 9-Patch"?

KZK: It has to do with how it's constructed. You start with a very simple 9-patch, then slice it, rearrange it and sew it back together! Quick and easy, but with cool results!

BL: Will you show me how?

KZK: My pleasure. We'll do this using the same cool fabs I got from your mom's store...

BL: That's the Bernina Shoppe!

KZK: Very good, Bristol!

BL: Thanks. Can I have a cookie?

KZK: Let's get through this first, OK?

BL: Sigh.
KZK: Anyway... in the sample I used for the shop, I used three contrasting fabs. The one I wanted to feature in the largest areas was the floral ... then the lavender fab ... then just a splash of the green batik! That being said ... here is how I started for one block!

For each block, cut 4 squares of your "featured fabric", four squares of your second fab, and one square of your accent fab. They can be any size - I chose 6 inches for mine. (***editor's note: This has been corrected from "8 inches". You CAN use any size square, but mine were actually 6 inches. Sorry for any confusion! kzk)

Arrange them like so ...

then sew them together!

BL: On a Bernina, right?

KZK: Preferably, yes. I personally use a 440 QE.

BL: Can I have a cookie?

KZK: Stay with me, Bristol.

BL: OK, what happens next?

KZK: You're going to cut your big block into quarters! So find and mark the centers either by measuring or by folding it in half. Then cut along those marked lines!

BL: I'm a little confused.

KZK: No problem. Here are a couple videos of your mom showing you how! Just click the box, then click the "play button".

And again, click to activate, then hit the "play" button!

BL: Cool beans! I get it now! That seems pretty easy so far! When does the magic start?!?

KZK: Right now! You have 4 pieces now. You want to take two opposite corners and turn those pieces 180 degrees -- so the featured flower fab is in the middle! OK?

BL: Umm... can I have a cookie?

KZK: Bristol!

BL: OK... how about a video of that? It's a little confusing, too!

KZK: Here you go - though I warn you, I got a bit confused myself trying to explain it! It's easier just to show you!

BL: That IS like magic! It's like an interlocking chain ... or maybe lavender pinwheels or something! COOL!

KZK: I think it's cool, too - fun, quick and easy, yet interesting!

BL: Is that all there is to it?

KZK: That's it - just sew that "new" block together and you've got it! Add more blocks and make it as big as you'd like it!

BL: Have you made other projects with this pattern?

KZK: Yes. You can do all kinds of great stuff with it! I got a totally different "feel" to it using some Christmas fabrics. I haven't quilted it yet, but here's a table-runner I'm working on:

BL: Ooooh, cool! Hey, is that a member of the Army of Four with it? I always pick up their scents on you!

KZK: Yes, that's Dave. He always helps me with my quilts.

BL: He looks fun!

KZK: He is fun. Before we get side-tracked, this is really versatile and can be done "scrappy", too. That's going to be my next project, I think! Click here to see one I found on the web! It's a totally different look done in scraps! That blogger gave a great tutorial, too, in case mine was a bit lacking.

BL: I think you made perfect sense!

KZK: Thanks, Bristol! You're a sweet puppy!

BL: Thank you! Can I have a cookie now? Or wait! I have another idea ....

KZK: OK, good puppy! Let's play!


I hope you enjoyed my interview with our Ghost Writer. If you have any questions at ALL about the Magic 9-Patch, please leave us a comment, zip us an email or stop by and see me! We're always happy to help!

See you soon!



  1. Bristol, what a great interview. You did a great job! I know it is hard for you to focus since you are still just a young pup!

  2. Thank you! Can I have a cookie?

  3. Bristol, you are just like you mommie! She can't stay focused either. That being said you did a fantastic job explaining how to do a Magic Four Patch. I think we should have a Magic Four Patch challenge and post the results on our blog. What do you think? Do you think people would take the challenge and either bring in their projects or send photos at the very least??? I think I will make a scrappy one out of the Kaffe fabrics that are on sale and donate it to Quilts of Valor. Cool Beans! Thanks for teaching us!

  4. Thanks, Mom! I think a challenge is a COOL idea - and we could post pix of all the different quilts on the blog!
    Were you trying to trick me, though? It's a 9-patch.
    Can I have a cookie?

  5. The interview and the quilt block was great. Eager to try it. I especially liked the Christmas one.

  6. Thank you, anonymous! I hope you enjoy making your very own "Magic 9-Patch"! If you do, please email us a photo at or bring it by the shop! We'd love to see it!
    PS: Our Ghost Writer also sends her thanks!

  7. Wow... this is an awesome post!!! I love the video explainations. Bristol, you should get as many cookies as you want ;)

  8. Bristol - this was a GREAT class! Maybe you can teach my Xander to quilt? I don't know if she can sew - I only adopted her about 6 weeks ago - but she's very smart so I think she'll pick it up quickly. She's about eight years old, so maybe she already knows about picking out fabrics and stitching seams. You've inspired me - I think Xander and I will be making a quilt before too long! Jo

  9. Sorry - meant to tell you that this is Jo at Tell your mom I said Hi!

  10. Thanks for keeping this going. A friend was talking about the 9 patch that was cut 2 ways and rearragned and I knew just what it was. So I went back and refreshed my memory.

  11. Bristol, I think it is high time that you get a few cookies for this one


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