Sunday, September 20, 2009

Behind Again... Naturally

Or something like that!

I'm way behind on posting. I still owe you all pix of the Deeve Bag and coordinating Super Shopper I told you about last time. Let's get to it!

Front and back of the Super Shopper:

Hey... how cool that Blogger's letting me do that! Thank you for the new formatting options! Here's a peak inside:

Two different fabs, plus the pink for a pocket! Check out the stitching along the top of the pocket:

A fun stitch, plus I love how the teal-ish thread ties everything together! Here's a close-up of the outside detail:

That was my first "X in a box" stitching; I thought it would make the straps extra secure.

Let's look at the Deeve Bag! Front:

And the back:

Here's a close-up of the placket area and the glass beads on the Hold the Phone! Bag:

And here the two bags are together:

Sherri, I hope your friend loves her bags as much as I do! :) And if she's out there reading... I'd LOVE photos of you with your new bags! (My email address is over in the sidebar!) Thanks again for your order!

And thank you for reading!

(Thanks to my sis over at Queen of Seaford for filling me in on how to do the sig!)


  1. LOVE! I am so in love with that fabric. It is so yummy! And the button on the Deeve... perfect!

  2. Those colours are so pretty!

    And I love the word placket. I have no idea what a placket is, but I'm going to start saying it randomly.

  3. Brilliant! Beautiful colors too!

    Maxx & Mommy

  4. Those bags are so pretty! Love the soft colors!

  5. yes, I like the colourways too!

    oh I am signed in as Marvin, well he is fussy about colours too, and he approves muchly of your choices here. Far better than his rugs in his bed I guess! ;0D

  6. She LOVES them so much!!! I love them almost didn't leave Hawaii! :)


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