Friday, July 31, 2009

Catching Up!

... and cool links!

I don't want you all to think I haven't been working lately! Let's get going!

First, I'd like to thank Sharla (and Angel, Isabella and Sadie) over at The Beaded Tail for Thursday's post! Your words brought tears to my eyes! :) Thank you so much for featuring Bags by KZK! I loved seeing your HTP! Bag in action!

Next - thanks to Jan! Her sweet Khady Lyn did a great job showing off the Z Bag I made for Jan. Many thanks for your kind words, too! (And Dave DID work very hard helping me with the colors!)

Next again (lol!) - many thanks to Rhonda (and Joe Stains) for featuring her Huffle Duffel on Joe's blog! I hope it brings your team luck! :) I love seeing the Huffle Duffle heading out to the ball game!

I really appreciate all of you giving blog time to my bags!

Beth sent in a great email and photo of her new Super Shopper! This is from her company picnic Saturday:

Beth (in purple) and friends/family; Super Shopper on the right

She said she loves it - and that it goes everywhere with her! Nothing could make me happier!!! Glad to hear it - and thanks for sending the photo in!

In the Studio, I've been working on a Deeve Bag (with Hold the Phone! Bag) and a coordinating Super Shopper for Sherri. I LOVE the fabs I'm playing... um... I mean working with. LOVE them! The Deeve is done - here's a quick look; I'll go into excruciating detail about it later:

See what I mean about the fabs?

And here are parts of the Super Shopper:

The lining is two different fabs in the spa blue/green, with pink pockets; the outside is also those two different fabs with another in that line as the center panel... with pink pockets. Here's a close up of one of the outer sides:

I'm still doing a bunch of quilting on it. It's coming along swimmingly well!

That's about all the latest. Thank you Sharla, Jan, Rhonda and Beth for some GREAT photos and very kind words.

And thank you for reading!


  1. I think Dave needs a road trip to Sadie's house!

    All great KZK Khreations!

    Khyra The NON Snooter Model

  2. You're very welcome! We really do love the HTP! Bag and walks are so much better now with everything in one place!

    Love the colors of The Deeve bag! Very pretty!

    And we think Khyra has a great idea!

  3. Those fabrics are really pretty. Very appropriate for summer!

  4. *jaw drops* I am so glad BeadedTail showed me your work, now I need to figure out which I like best....okay, which order I will purchase your bags as I can afford them, LOL. Gorgeous!

  5. I love them all!!! :) You're the best!

    Like BeadedTail I love my HTP! Bag! I rarely have pockets when I walk Mochi and it makes it soooo much easier to carry everything! :)

  6. oooops sorry I am late in commenting, yes, the HTP bag is lovely, what an excellent idea!

    My phone is always falling out of my jeans pocket, so perhaps I may order one very soon from you?

    In fact the other day I nearly had a really bad accident with it.....far too distressng to write about in public!! More via email sometime ;0D

    Letty xxxxx


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