Friday, July 17, 2009

Beth's Super Shopper!

I also recently completed a Super Shopper for Beth! She got it a couple days ago and I hope she's enjoying it! Let's start with some preliminary pix!

Sometimes taking a photo of my choices and viewing them on the computer helps me decide if I really like the direction I'm heading. I wasn't sure about putting all of these together but once I saw them on the iMac, I was sold:

The rich green print would be the majority of the outside - see the pockets I've already made (above)? Just a touch of teal. Rather conservative or formal on the outside.... then how about the wild ZEBRA print inside?!!? :)

Here are the lining panels, with the pockets sewn on:

I thought Beth would like lots of pockets!

Here is the bag, all set to go:

See the touch of teal on the pocket tops?

I didn't think those fabs would work together, but I LOVE them! I quilted in a variegated teals quilting thread, to help unite it all.

I toyed with doing the straps in one of the teal fabs, but opted for black polypro. I love the contrast:

I popped the lining up about 3/16 of an inch or so as a playful accent, as you can see in the shot above. Here's a look inside the bag!

How fun is that?!

I also threw in an eyeglasses case for Beth, just because I wanted to.

Beth, thanks for the order! I'd love to see pix of you and/or your boys (two-legged and four) with your new bag!

And thank you for reading!


  1. Another winner! Love the surprise of the zebra!

  2. It looks great with the zebra print! :)

  3. Oh I LOVE the zebra print on the inside! What a great pop of fun everytime she gets in the bag!

  4. Karen...posting from Eagle River, FaBULOUS Super Shopper accompanied us on the boat today! All of those pockets helped to keep our bits and pieces in order...and I am such a fan of the depth! Our green turned out perfectly :)

    Thank you again for my awesome bag!!



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