Friday, July 17, 2009

More Great Models!

I've had a lot of gorgeous models showing off their Bags by KZK bags - and this post will have two such models - Valerie and Kat. AND... get ready, girls! We also have Steve, one of the most handsome models imaginable! They're showing off the Hold the Phone! Bag I recently made for the three of them to share.

I designed it to fit onto Valerie's walking belt. Here she is, wearing her gear!

Looks like a great fit! Not too obtrusive, not too big... but it holds everything! And it looks like...

Yep. Looks like Steve and Kat are checking it out, and approve! I've got to wonder... if I even touch a leash in our house, I get the "Let's go!" look. I jusssssssssst wonder ...

Yep. Great work, Steve! ;) Ready to go for a walk, Valerie?

(Great shot, looking down into the HTP! Bag!)

Valerie, thank you so much for the photos! And many thanks to you, Kat and Steve for a terrific modeling job!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Very nice!!! And a furry nice helper for the photos :)

  2. Wow - I'd say KZK has been quite the busy bee churning all of these masterpieces out! It's a good thing Dave has been readily available for his color choices. This bag is gorgeous! I can see a Dave choice a mile away.

  3. I think it might hold a pesky brofur of the feline persuassion!

    Great job!

    PeeEssWoo: AMMY: My word is BRICELI

  4. That fabric looks familiar! Valerie always does a great job with her photos :)

  5. Great work! Great models! :) They look like they're ready to go!


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