Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Storm Bag

The Storm Bag is small, strong, and a bit on the scrappy side. The Storm can change in a flash: it’s fully reversible!

The Storm Bag comes with a coordinating Hold the Phone! Bag. An example can be seen at right; please check the main blog for more examples, as this bag has many different "looks" to it!. There is at least one pocket on each side of the Storm bag, perfect for holding your keys. It's not just lined, it's designed to be 100% reversible. Two great looks in one bag! You'll be surprised by how much it will carry for you! The Storm Bag is $50.

The straps can either be fabric tucked into the top of the bag (like the one pictured in the upper right corner), polypro, or with cool "drawstring" straps laced through grommets. With that option, you can "wear" your Storm bag at two different lengths. (Please see this link for a good look at the straps!)

The Storm Bag is named after my black and white female Siberian Husky, Stormy. She is small, strong, and (when provoked) a bit on the scrappy side. And she can change in a flash. (I mean that in the nicest way possible - she is SUCH a love!) ;)

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