Friday, July 25, 2008

THE Super Shopper

I just showed you a Super Shopper the other day, and now ... let's see my latest! The first one was bright and girlie and PINK... but I really needed to make one for the Super Shopper himself. Check it out!

That's right... digital camo! How fun is that?!? Here's the reverse:

I just love it. If he doesn't use it, I'm stealing it back. LOL! I lined it with a great flag print; here's a look inside:

He wanted shorter straps -- handle length. That worked out great. It's more "grab and go" and ... manly. :)

Let's peek inside a bit further and have a look at the inside pocket:

Lots of room for coupons, your list, your phone... whatever! And don't forget there are two exterior pockets! Let me stick my hand in one for you:

Can you see the cool quilting I did? Maybe you can see it better on the other pocket:

Is that fun? I used the Bear Brown Twister Tweed by Robison-Anton Textiles that my favorite bag-a-holic sent me. I did the swirls on the two exterior pockets and did a free-form criss-cross on the body of the bag. Here's a good look at that:

You can also see the lining popping up, almost like pipping.

That's all for now; I need to hit the Studio and get working on some orders!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, that looks really khool!!


  2. It is cool, but since my hubby never does the shopping (I took him once and it cost me 3 times more than usual!) I'd just end up using it myself. Which is perfectly okay!


  3. I LOVE IT!!!!!

  4. oh I like the Male Model, he is very good!

    Do you hire him out?

    Seriously, the bag is excellent!

    You really are talented!

    Jeannie x


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