Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Ram-a-Lamb

Don't be fooled by how cute it is - the Ram-a-Lamb is our strongest bag! It will hold all of your stuff and ask for more. It's a worker. And's a bit on the fuzzy side!

The Ram-a-Lamb (or RAL) Bag comes with a coordinating Hold the Phone! Bag. Many examples can be seen on the main blog (please enter Ram-a-Lamb in the blog search box in the upper left corner) and at right.

The RAL Bag is quilted and fully lined, and has a "frayed-edge" finish. You could reverse it and have the fuzz on the inside, if you'd like. It has at a minimum two exterior pockets. They're great for catching your keys! The exterior is usually denim, though not always. Straps vary on the bag! They are either fabric sewn into the top of the bag, fabric threaded through grommets, "re-purposed" new leashes threaded through grommets, or even polypro. The RAL is $50.

Your Ram-a-Lamb bag can be machine washed (cold water) and thrown in the dryer (medium). For bags with removable straps, please do remove them first and wash them separately.

I'd rather not give exact dimensions of the bags on the net, due to copyrighting issues, but it's approximately 12 x 12 inches, and 4 inches deep. All bags have our signature tag on them; they hold up fine in the wash, just please don't hit them with a hot iron.

The Ram-a-Lamb is named after my red and white female Siberian Husky, Amber. She is all things sweet, innocent and cute... and is also one of the strongest Siberians I've ever had the privilege of knowing! She will do every task we give her and ask for more. She loves to work ... and yes, she is a bit on the fuzzy side. She has the thickest coat I've ever seen!

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