Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Deeve Bag

I've gotten a lot of good, productive sewing done lately. My favorite is a new Deeve Bag, made from some of my hubby's old BDUs and a favorite fab I bought when we lived in Korea. Here it is!

Hanging alone, above, or sitting, below, with the Hold the Phone! Bag attached.

Below is a detail shot of the closure. It's the side-tab from the BDUs and a uniform button.

Here it is, open:

The placket made from the accent fab is just there for contrast. I love the zebra!

Here's the Hold the Phone! Bag:

The strap is made from the ribbon used to cinch up the pant legs on the BDUs.

Speaking of straps, here's the top detail on the purse strap:

The straps are connected to a nice, heavy D-ring of sorts which is laced through some grommets. Love the grommets!

And lastly, here is a peek inside.

There's a nice-sized pocket in there. Do you love that map fab? I only have scraps left. And a vest I made from it. Hmm... I may have to cut that vest up!

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  1. What a khool bag here! I love the fabrics and the little touches that you did... like the fabric on the top of the purse strap! Very khool!


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