Thursday, April 10, 2008

Special Fabric!

We got some fun fabric in today for a special order! It's for a Hold the Phone! Bag to hook to a leash. I think I need to come up with a name just for these. Any ideas?

It's a bright, colorful, kicky fab. I ran it past my Guide Dog for the Color Blind, to see if he had any ideas for the lining and accents.

Dave - Guide Dog for the Color Blind

We took it down to the Studio after I washed it and he got right to work.

I forgot I had that lime green piece. Dave didn't; he loves it.

I think it's a "go". I'll get it back from him after his well-deserved nap.

I can't wait to play with this!

Thanks for reading,



  1. Oh look at that fabric!! It looks beautiful AND I LOVE the green flower fabric that you.... oh, I mean Dave... paired up with it. I think he made a perfect decision! Oh a name... I need to think about this one a bit....

  2. Whoops... I see that my husband logged me out and him in. Sorry!

  3. Pssst......Mom's birthday is coming up and I want to surprise her with a Hold The Phone bag. If you can email me at her address with all the details I'll make sure the right humans get the information!
    Pee S: Dad says there will be CAKE!


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