Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Ram-a-Lamb

Yesterday I finished a new Ram-a-Lamb Bag. I'm excited about this one, as I once again re-designed the straps. Handles. Shoulder pieces. Whatever you'd like to call them. I'm calling them "redesigned and cool". Instead of using denim (which can be a bit bulky) or new nylon dog leashes (which might not be to everyone's tastes), I've tried a knotted fabric approach!

Here's an over-all view.

And here's a close-up shot of where the strap goes through the grommet!

I really like it! If you wanted the knots inside, you could untie them and change it around. You could also shorten them, if you'd like. As is, the bag itself is at hip level. I like the knots on the outside. Just a personal choice!

Here's the Hold the Phone! Bag:

I hooked some cute glass beads to the loop. Here's a detail shot of the top, with my stitching echoing the leaf theme! I used a rich, gold-toned, variegated thread for the quilting and top-stitching.

The inside of the bag, the straps and the two exterior pockets are all from that gorgeous leaf fab.

And ... thanks to Kathie's great idea ... here's a new accessory!

That's right - a cute, quilted glasses case! I should have put the tag on the side, but, hey, it was my first time. Here's a close-up; I did the leaf stitching along the top of this, too!

Great idea, Kathie! I'd say it's a success!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Wow!

    That's one KHOOL Ram-a-Lamb bag!!

    I hope it will love its new home shoulder!!!


  2. This is PAWSOME! I love the colors and the eyeglass case. I also love the beeds you put on the HTP! Bag! Very nice touch there. Another great bag by KZK!

  3. My Thunder is going to look so handsome trotting along next to his mom carrying that bag.


  4. Mama LOVES this one!


  5. We followed the trail to your bag blog - col stuff! Our humom loves those tie straps! she's height-challenged, so she like stuff she can shorten easily. Most of her shoulder bags have knots she tied in them even though they aren't really supposed to be tied in knots.

    Star & Jack


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