Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Bags

We have four "main" bags in the KZK collection, a few special bags, and a couple smaller, specialty bags. This post will describe the big four - the Storm, the Ram-a-Lamb, the Z, and the Deeve. And since they each come with a matching Hold the Phone! Bag, I'll describe those, too.

The main style of the bag remains the same, but the fabric can totally change the look. Also, as I further develop the bags, little features like closures, handles, pockets, etc. will change slightly. Let's get to the bags!

The Storm Bag is small, strong, and a bit on the scrappy side. The Storm can change in a flash: it’s fully reversible!

Here's a Storm Bag I did for my sister, using a gardening theme:

The Storm "outside"

The "inside"

The coordinating Hold the Phone! Bag

I like to use "recycled" denim for the bottom of the bag, for strength and balance.

Don't be fooled by how cute it is - the Ram-a-Lamb is our strongest bag! It will hold all of your stuff and ask for more. It's a worker. And's a bit on the fuzzy side!

Here's an example of the Ram-a-Lamb:

The Ram-a-Lamb

Here's a close-up of the coordinating Hold the Phone! Bag:

Hold the Phone! Bag

I get a completely different look with different fabrics. Here it is again with bright, bold fabs lining a bag made from "ACU" printed fab. (For more info, please click here.)

ACU Ram-a-Lamb

And one of the most popular bags was made for a Siberian Husky rescue group fund-raiser - from denim and a gorgeous wolf print.

Wolf Print Ram-a-Lamb

Note the handles of the bag are made from new nylon dog leashes, as is the strap for the Hold the Phone! Bag. The HTP! Bag also uses the leash hardware. For more info on that Ram-a-Lamb Bag and for more views of it, please click here.

The Z Bag is everyone’s favorite! The Z is fun, kicky and a bit on the playful side. Just having it with you will make you smile.

Here's a Z Bag made from some bright Laurel Burch dog print fabs. I just LOVE this one!

The Z Bag

Detail shot of the Z

And the matching HTP! Bag

The Deeve Bag is the dependable, go-to bag; you’ll want to take it everywhere! The Deeve always shows a special attention to color selection.

This is a Deeve made from that same wolf print.

The Deeve Bag

I'm big on pockets; inside, outside or both.

Here's a detail shot:

And the closure:

It's one of those magnetic snaps. Very easy to open and close.

As you've probably figured out by now, The Hold the Phone! Bag is designed to do just that - hold your cell phone! There is a Velcro closure to make sure your phone stays put. The strap allows you to hook your Hold the Phone! Bag to your purse strap, your belt, your briefcase handle, your golf bag -- anywhere! Guys love these, too!

Hold the Phone! Bags geared for guys!

Dog lovers may want to use the Hold the Phone! Bag to carry their “good neighbor” plastic bags! Fill it with bags, hook it to your leash and you’re good to go! You can see some cute dog-themed ones at this link. Like the strap for the wolf fab Ram-A-Lamb, these were made with "leash parts".

I'll post more bag varieties in the days to come, plus more examples of the different bags above!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Looks totally pawsome!!! I'm gonna have to order one of each! Well, except or the Deeve, which I already have and totally LOVE!!!!!

    Holly (and her mom)

  2. The Mom and I are one satisfied customer! Our Hold the Phone! bag is getting LOTS of attention here.
    Can't wait to see more!

  3. Very nice!! You have some major talents!!! Those bags are beautifwool!! I will have to order my mum one!!

    I am making my mom link your blog to her's. I hope thats alright. ;-)

    Play bows,

  4. I have the Ram-a-Lamb WOLF PRINT bag and it is freakin' howling khool!

    She still has it in the box - she hasn't been organised enough to start to use it!

    Silly Mom!


  5. Mom is aspiring for one of each too. We have been blessed with the ZBag and it is awesome. Mom tells me that there is a Deeve bag AND a HTP bag on the way for me soon, so I am excited!


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