Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Winged Their Way to PA

I put a package in the mail Saturday that actually made it to PA yesterday! I was amazed at how quickly it made it; let's all cross our fingers for the one leaving today for points north!

Anyway, here's what headed to Khyra's house! First up is a Hold the Phone! Bag for Khyra's doggy nanny. It's to coordinate with a bag she had; my Guide Dog for the Color Blind chose the fabs - they go much better than the ones I was going to use. Of course.

Here's the reverse:
Here's a close-up of the stitching. I used a variegated purple thread by Sulky. It's heavy and can be tricky to work with. I LOVE the effect I got here!

And here's a look at the glass beads and charm I attached!

She also bought the pastels/gold metallics HTP! Bag at this link. I thought that one came out so pretty; I'm glad it's found a good home!

Last, but not least, I made Phyll (Khyra's mom) a Z Bag. I've been wanting to do something special for her for a long time and couldn't decide on style, color, etc.! She's always so sweet and does special things for other people - I wanted this to be just right! Based on some not-so-sneaky questions, I learned her fav colors are amethyst and peridot (as in the birthstones), so my GDFTCB and I came up with this bag:

The colors are a bit off in that shot, but it shows the shape off nicely. Here's a look at it outside:

This is really one of the boldest bags I've made and really was a bit tentative about how it would be received. :) My concerns were put to rest by Phyll's kind words (and encouragement from another friend!) - I am SO glad she likes it!

I found some fun, funky buttons to use for the closure and up on the strap. Check these out!

Groovy, aren't they?

On the photo of the "closure", you can see some of the quilting on the bag. I used a YLI variegated called "Jewel". I love their threads!!!!!!!!!

Here's the HTP! Bag:

And a close-up of the charm and glass beads:

I thought they were a great accent!

The lining of the bag is one of my FAV Laurel Burch fabs; the 2 inside pockets are from the accent fab I used on the closure and on the strap and outside of the HTP! Bag. Here's a peek inside!

Can you see how cool the decorative stitching (stars) came out? Here's a better view:

I love what it does with the variegated thread!

Many thanks to Phyll - and thank you for reading!



  1. I khan't find the words to say how khool the khontents of the kharton were!!!

    It was so furry nice of woo to do such great work fur us!!

    My doggy nanny will be so tikhkled ESPECIALLY after I show her THIS!

    Khyra AND Phyll

  2. I LOVE your creativity and I LOVE the bag you made for Phyll. I haven't seen one yet that I don't just want to pack up and carry around.
    Great work!!


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