Sunday, May 25, 2008

Progress Report

I've been working on a bag for Rhonda, the River Hill Pack's mom. She wanted one of the really cool wintry wolf fabs I have made into a Ram-a-Lamb. She also liked how I recycled a "leash" into straps for the RAL I did for the MaPaw auction and asked me if I would incorporate that feature into her bag. Happy to!

The first decision was what color of leash! I was leaning toward blue - because of the background of the wolf fab - but Rhonda mentioned frequently pairing black tops up with her jeans ... so I went for black. What about the accent fab, though? My Guide Dog for the Color Blind really wanted black. I really wanted blue or tan. I auditioned about 20 fab choices with the denim, wolf fab and black leash ... and of course, Dave was right.

Really! How could you doubt me?

We found a black with sort of tan circle-swirls all over it. It's a cool fit!

Sigh. Snow. Sigh.

Not wanting to wear out my welcome and because he was sound asleep, instead of asking my GDFTCB about the quilting thread, I turned to his brother. I mean, Zim showed such interest in the BDUs Mary sent, maybe he's ready to help out in the Studio!

I presented him with some options and he keyed strongly on this one.

Oooh, yeah. This one. I like this one.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that his Siberian girl friend Sitka's mom sent it. Because it really does look cool with everything else! Right, Dave?

Oh, wooooooooo!

Well, really. It does go nicely! :) I hope to have the bag ready within a week!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Great kholours!

    Great khommentators!!

    Great STUFF!!!

    Khyra and Her Mom
    AKA A proud owner of TWO KZK Khreations!

  2. We love the fine tuning you did to the blog! Mom keeps changing her mind about her Hold The Phone bag but I suggested she hurry it up so you can start working on it! We've made it as far as denim. That's a start. Decisions, decisions....

  3. That is going to look totally awesome!!!! I love the wolf fabric, and the other one goes wonderfully! As usual, my adorable Dave, you have outdone yourself!!!

    I like to rest up like that after hard work too.


  4. Oh, great job, boys! You did a wonderful job picking out the fabs for our mom, we just know she's gonna love her R-A-L!!
    Deeve, did you also help your mom with the new blog look? We think it looks great!
    Bama & the RHP

  5. I think that thread matches Zim's fur! That must be why he picked it.


  6. Awesome colors!!! And I think Zim is very khorrekht in the thread he chose :)

  7. Congratulations KZK on your wonderful new venture.

    I will take a longer look tomorrow, but just "had" to get on here quickly to see what you have been up to in my enforced absence from Blogland!

    Thank you for your really cheery and nice email, I will reply tomorrow, at length, have lots to tell.

    Love and much Light, your friend, Jeannie xxxxx

    Marvin too xxxxxx


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