Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Z Bag

What could be better than getting a fabric order in? Or a box of jeans? If you're Zim, it's getting a box of BDUs. :)

Ooooh, BDUs!

My sister-in-law sent a stack of my brother's BDUs (thank you, Mary!!!) and Zim just could NOT keep his snooter out of them.

Snuffle, snuffle, snuffle!

They were freshly laundered, so I'm not sure what was at the heart of the infatuation. Dave (Guide Dog for the Color Blind) was a bit concerned that Zim was after his job...

...but the boys sorted it out.


As a "thank you" to Mary, I wanted to make her a bag. Of course! I encouraged her to let me know what style and colors she liked - she chose the Z Bag and asked if I'd ever done one in denim. Ooooh... what a cool idea! I hadn't and it seemed like a great challenge! She also asked for "pink and green". I really hope she meant a BOLD pink and green. :)
Here's what I came up with:

I needed a lighter-weight, larger chunk of denim than what I am used to using, so I made quick work of a denim dress in the stack-o-denim. Of course, it needed some body, so I used a heavy interfacing ... which made it heavy again. Yeah... well ...
I quilted half of it in a green variegated thread and the other half in pink. Even so, the outside was a tad bland, hence the cool front pocket. Also, since I didn't piece the straps, the pocket was a good place for the tag. Here's a close up of that, the closure and the PINK button:

and the Hold the Phone! Bag:
You can also get an idea of the quilting from those shots. Here's the other side of the HTP! Bag:
It was my first attempt at doing some curved appliqué; it came out pretty cool! That curved piece and the straps for the HTP! Bag are the pink camo I used on Shelly's Ram-a-Lamb! Here's a peek inside the HTP! Bag:

That's the fab my GDFTCB paired up with Shelli's fab for Sitka's Good Neighbor Bag Bag and Shelli's Storm Bag. Isn't it cute with the denim?
The denim really screamed for bold colors, so I lined the entire bag with that green print. I did two large interior pockets out of the pink camo - here's one:

Last, but not least, as a strap detail, a splash of the pink camo and a pink button up top.

Mary - you know Green Tabbers. I'm making you a Pink Tabber. Hahahahaha!
I hope you enjoy the bag. I'll get it in the mail to you once I touch base about whether to send now or after you move!
Thanks for reading!


  1. WOW!

    Once again, I'm sooooo blown away by what woo do!

    I was soooo proud to take both of my bags to show The Kapp Pakhk!!

    Khyra's Doggy Nanny takes the 'shell' HTP bag to bed and has the beeWOOtiful DeevePurple one on her Purple Paws bag!!!

    Honoured to have them!

    Khyra and Phyll

  2. Wow! This ZBag is really cool! I LOVE the stitching you did on the inside pocket. VERY KHOOL!!!

  3. If I was going to get a bag, this would be just the sort I'd be looking for. I love it. Your guide dog for the colour blind is terribly clever isn't he?



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