Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Crossed Canoes

Hi everyone!  The first quilt I used my new pressing mat and cute iron for was a Crossed Canoes miniature!  I started this back so long ago, I can't even remember.  It's paper-pieced, apparently started before I knew how to print papers out by computer; I traced the blocks on tracing paper by hand.

Here's a look along the way:


I think maybe I had three blocks done, and had stuffed the fabrics and papers into a baggie and forgot about them. Why? Because it's an insane block.


And they're on paper.

Two-inch sub-blocks, maybe? What was I thinking?!?

I really want to wrap up old projects, though, so I stuck to it.


I love having the little pressing mat right there!

Before I knew it, I had the blocks pieced and together:


I decided it needed some tiny borders. I really don't like the navy/floral print, so I went with the muslin.


I opted not to do a binding - just sewed right sides together with the batting and backing, then flipped right sides out. By putting a little line of machine quilting in there, it looks "binding-y" enough.


Clearly, the girls were impressed.

I had leftover papers; apparently I had planned to make this larger. I say a hearty "too bad" to the me of 20 years ago! 😁 Not going to happen. I did hang on to the papers for some ridiculous reason, though.

I love how it came out. I like how you almost get a curved effect as you look at the overall pattern.

Another old project DONE.  That feels good!

Thanks for reading!

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