Thursday, June 27, 2019

Camp Casey Quilt - Done and Hung!

Hi everyone!  Another quilt I wrapped up is the Camp Casey quilt I showed you a little bit ago!  Here's a shot, binding on and after a nice wash:


I'm very happy that my many, many pencil lines came out nicely.


Detail shot of some of the quilting:


How about a look at the back?


You can tell that Maggie is impressed, can't you?

Here's a close up:


I'm really happy with my combination of straight-line quilting, other walking foot work, and free-motion quilting. And I LOVE the King Tut thread! (Sands of Time. Love it!!!)

And here it is, at home in my husband's office:


I was going to hang the Wonky Army Star Quilt there, but was afraid it would make the room too dark. This is a perfect fit!

I love finishing up any project, but especially love finishing "old" ones!

Thanks so much for reading!

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