Saturday, June 29, 2019

Forgotten Pyramids

Many thanks to my friends for helping me name this one.

Forgotten Pyramids

It was another one in the stack of "UFOs" that really needed to be quilted, bound, and hung! I remember piecing it ... I just can't exactly remember when it was. Yikes. Let's just say it was quite a while ago!  All of the triangles are from fabric samples a friend and I used to get when we lived in Korea from a shop in Texas.  I think I pieced it after we left there ... maybe while we were living on Fort Riley, KS?  '97?  '98?  Somewhere around there!

I quilted a diamond grid on it, then quilted a free-form rope in the borders. I decided to do the "sew the binding to the back, then bring it to the front to machine stitch" method. Sewing from the FRONT. I am SO MUCH happier doing it this way!

Sew to the back first, then bring it around to the front

Sure, my stitching shows, but it's all part of the "framing", right? I used the same thread I quilted with, so ... whatever. I'm happy.

I put little sleeves on the back that sewed right into the binding. I'll slip a tiny dowel through it to hang.


Yes, I had to hand-stitch the bottoms, but it takes like 5 minutes.

Action shot:


I sewed as close to that folded edge as I could.  So much easier for me!

Here's a close up of a corner:


Nice and crisp. Whew.

For the record, I don't think there's a "wrong" way to do the binding. This just is working best for me right now!

All done and ready to hang:


I just don't quite know where that will be yet, so it's hanging out with the LPs:


It really feels great to finish some of these old projects! This one has such a nice "warm Autumn" feel to it.  It will fit in a number of places!

Thank you all for reading! I truly appreciate it!

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