Sunday, June 30, 2019

A Little Miscellaneous Post

Hi, everyone!  I keep meaning to mention the topic of pens to you.  I've never had great luck with marking pens on fabric - either they don't come out, they come out before you want them to come out, or I can't see them.  I usually end up using a pencil or for dark fabric, chalk.  Obviously the problem with chalk is it comes off very easily.  I mean, that's a plus, too, but it makes it hard to mark a whole top, you know?  Then ... I finally discovered the Frixion pens!  Where have these been all my life?

I initially took this shot because my bobbin ran out THREE INCHES from the end,
but I thought it was a good look at the pen markings!

I bought a set off Amazon - blue, black, pink, and white. WHITE! It takes a few seconds for the white to show up, but then there it IS! And it all stays on until you hit it with an iron. Totally awesome! If you haven't tried these out yet, please do. You won't be sorry!

I also had promised to show you the Wonky Army Star quilt once it was hung up! We put it at the bottom of the stairs. It's a bright, open area and some of my husband's military things are already on a shelf there. Perfect!


It would have been too dark in his study, but this way, we can both enjoy it every time we head down the stairs!

I'll have a couple more updates for you soon!

As always, thank you for reading!

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  1. Those Frixion pens are nice. I didn't know they had a white one. The quilt looks great in that spot too.


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