Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Hunt Continues

Hi everyone!  For several days there, I was full-steam ahead on my Hunter's Star blocks!  As I mentioned, one of the keys for me has been staying organized.  It may not look like it, but this is my version of an organized work area:


All the blocks are labelled, stacks of 5" cut squares for both the HSTs and the 4-patches, everything nice and handy.  Call it "organized chaos".

I reached a point where I needed a very large surface to see my progress. The only area big enough was in our "Gallery" area, sort of an open area between my Studio and the Library. I gave the tiles a quick vacuum, then laid out what I had:


Maggie supervised, as you can see. And did not walk across the blocks. Good puppy!

I was happy with my progress and dove back in.

More HSTs to trim up:


The hideous green/yellow print in the background may well end up being one of my borders.  Eek.

I found that I was most comfortable making 2-3 blocks at a time, in different stages of piecing. Sure, I could have chain pieced everything, but then I would have had to trim up 89 million HSTs (pretty sure that's how many go into this quilt) at one standing, and ... no. It was more interesting for me to break things up.

Before too long, I had ALL my blocks pieced!


Apparently Mags was confident enough with my performance that she could engage in other activities.

That's as much as I have right now. I knew we'd be having workers in the house all day for a few days, so I knew I'd be interrupted. I didn't want to have to lay everything out, then pick it back up - and repeat. Once I have a good stretch where I can knuckle down and do it, I'll get my rows put together!

Have I mentioned this thing is huge? It's going to look smashing in one of the guest rooms!

Thanks for reading!


  1. It's coming along beautifully! Love your fabric choices!

  2. Just love reading and seeing what you are doing and as always am so very impressed. Truly love the colors and patterns you use and interspersing pictures of how Maggie & Cam are helping just makes me smile :-)!
    Thank you for sharing & take care,
    Lucy (Troy, Ohio)


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