Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Table Clutter

There.  I said it.  "Table clutter."  We all have it, right?  Ours seems to consist of vitamin bottles and Zyrtec.  If they aren't on the table, we forget to take them ... but I HATE clutter!  What to do... what to do...

A fabric basket seemed the way to go!  I followed the tutorial I posted at this link, only didn't piece the outside.  There was plenty of action in the fabric I chose - the same fab I used when I made my kitchen curtains.  Here are some action shots:


The lining is the same fabric. Sometimes keeping things overly simple helps me get more done.

For the handles, I used two other coffee-themed prints:


The flip-side is coffee beans on vanilla. Mmm... vanilla coffee.  Mmmm!

Where was I?

I did a bit of quilting on the outside of the basket, then started putting that together.


If you use a cotton batting with a tiny scrim to it, you can skip going fabric-batting-fabric and just go fabric-batting. Does that make sense?  Just go batting side down when you quilt and spend a little extra time cleaning your bobbin area.

Box the corners:


And for the basket corner-boxing, I like to sew the seam open, like so:


It cuts down on bulk and makes your basket look tidier.

No, I didn't buy the Husky-brand screwdriver - it was given to me in honor of the Ao4. Here's the story: Years ago, there were some guys here to fix the control panel for our sprinkler system. They asked if I had a tiny screwdriver they could borrow. I gave them a screwdriver I kept in the Studio and jokingly said, "Don't break it!" Of course... they did. Ha ha ha. I assured them I didn't care; it was just a screwdriver. They brought me the one above the next day anyway. They said they couldn't find one in their company's signature color (blue) but maybe I'd like this one since it's a Husky. How perfect! I love it!

Moving right along ... here's one of the feet for the basket:


I like the feet.

Ayumi, who wrote the tutorial, has you put wrong sides together, then turn the whole basket right-side-out through a small opening in the lining seam. All that's left is to hand sew that up...


... add a little top stitching, et voilà:


This is probably the 4th or 5th basket I've made following this tute, and I just love it!  So quick and easy - and cute!  Almost too cute for table clutter.  Almost.

Thanks for reading!


  1. WOW! That's so adorable. You make it seem easy, but I know MY momma would sew her fingers together if she tried it. We're all super impressed.

  2. That is way nicer than table clutter! Bet it would work great for bead clutter too!


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