Monday, August 26, 2013

Here a Bag, There a Bag ...

This whole fused bag thing is getting addictive!

If you read the Ao4 Digest this morning, you'll know that Zim has his own bag to hold bags now, too.  Here's a look at it in the Studio:


I tried a little quilting on it, just to see how it would look and how easy or challenging it would be.  I think it adds a nice touch - and really no tougher to do than any other quilting.  Just use your walking foot!

I think the zipper was on an old backpack or fanny pack.  It's nice and sturdy and the "pull" has a very nice feel to it.

Here it is in action, so to speak:

"Totally cool, Mom!  My very own man bag!"

I found a source for the bone-shaped carabiners, which just delighted me.  I switched Cam's over to one that's a hot pink/reddish color.  It goes nicely with her leash.

Speaking of man bags, I also made one for my hubby - to carry his iPhone and a flashlight for the early morning walks.  In my stack of "heavier" bags, I found the perfect one - it's from the US Cavalry Museum!  The bag went together really well.  I was going to get Zim to model it, you know - keeping with the whole "man bag" thing - when ...

Nice, tough bag!

I guess you could say a certain daddy's girl put her foot down.  All-righty then!

"This is for my DADDY!"
Thank you, Cammie.

He's already tried it out and loves it.  Yea!

This is really fun ... and soooo incredibly addictive!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Your husband's bag is perfect! Cami really loves her daddy. Same thing happens here.


  2. Mike should love that! Cammie is just adorable :)

  3. Great job my friend! Wish you were closer so you could keep me inspired.
    Hugs, Noreen


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