Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another Bag, Part I

Sorry I didn't post yesterday like I said I would.  My husband and I ran off to the lake to do a little birding instead.  Hot and thick, but very enjoyable!  (You're welcome to view photos here, if you'd like.)

Speaking of birding, I wanted to make a little fused bag for my birding buddy Beth!  She saw mine and was complimentary ... and I had JUST the plastic bags to use for her!  She works at the Vet School at KSU, so ...


How fun is that?

See the zipper there? Got right to work on that. It was another re-purposed one. I started working on its placket thingie:


Did the tabs (above) then got the ol' #4 foot out to stitch nice and close to the zipper, switched back over to my #37 foot (the 1/4" foot) AND ...


Follow the arrows to find the pieces of my needle.  Yes, the needle I forgot to move back to the CENTER!!!  Readers, once again I say ...


The #4 foot is EVIL!!!

I'm soon going to need to replace my masking tape; I just may do a frowny-face on it this time.  GRRRR!

Moving right along ...

Somehow, I made that zipper too short. Go, me!  Oh, well.  It'll work great in another smaller bag.  So ... I grabbed another pair of pants, ripped the zipper out, and ...


... nice.  All set.

Except that that one was too short, too.  Where was my HEAD?!?

Having had my fill of re-purposed zippers, I got out the only store-bought one I had.

Now that's a zipper!

Yeah.  Just a TAD long.  No problem.  That's why God gave us scissors, right?


Much better!

Despite zipper "learning opportunities", the bag came out REALLY great!  More on that tomorrow!

Until then, thank you for reading!

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  1. With my Pfaff machine the zipper foot goes on one side or the other so you can't break your needle. I love your choice of "fabric" for this bag and can't wait to hear how your friend liked it.



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