Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Science Day Two

The fusing and bag-making process using the recycled bags is just way too addictive.  As I mentioned yesterday, I was back at it the very next day.  I was seeing plastic bags in a whole new light and started trying to find every plastic bag in the house to experiment on.

Things might have gotten a bit out of hand as was feeding the pups.  We were at the bottom of Zim's Prescription Diet bag.  I looked at the empty bag and thought ... go for it!


I mean - how cool would that be!?! I cut it apart, scrubbed it, and soaked all the pieces over night in Dawn. The next morning - no smell! Excellent - let's hit the Studio!


OK, it failed. But hey! I had to try. The plastic is too thick. It warped when I tried fusing it AND somehow, when I hit it with the iron, the smell came back. There's a reason we call Zim's treats that I make with this stuff "Stinky Goodness Treats" ... let's leave it there. Fail.

Did you notice in the stack of "plastic fabric" from yesterday I did one with the PGA logo? I wanted to do something special for my husband. He had requested something to hold note paper on his desk. (When we have "misprints" from the printer, we cut the paper up and use it for scratch paper.) Here's what I came up with:


Just cut, fold, and I used grommets to hold it together!

So then I got back to fusing. Not dog food bags.


I wanted a little zippie bag to hook to a leash to hold bags. A bag made from bags to hold bags. I might be going backwards here. Anyway ...


The plastic "fabric" cuts very easily! Just know that it's a wee bit slippery and you'll probably need a new rotary cutting blade if you ever tire of making these.

For this bag, I need a tab for a carabiner clip:


I decided to use a variegated YLI thread, so it would look decorative. I also used a 70 microtex needle and it did very well. This stuff is like butter to cut and sew through.


I know. How cute is that carabiner? I wish I had more than one. Perhaps I need to see about ordering some.

I took apart another piece of clothing so I could have a zipper:


I wonder if I should buy some of those, too? Nah. It's more fun this way. A challenge.

I decided to have a little divider inside the bag:


I folded the top down about 1/4" and top stitched for durability. And because it looked cute.

Here it is, with the zipper sewn to the sides of the bag, divider in place. My snips are tucked into what will be that pocket-divider.


Stitch it up and voilà:


Here's a look inside. My orange squishie thimble is on one side of the divider and some black binding clips are on the other.


One side for bags, one side for training treats!  Cool, huh? Let's see what Cam thinks!

"I think we should take it for a test drive!"

She had a lot more to say about it on today's Ao4 Digest post, and shared more photos.

I'll be doing a lot of baking, so I'm not sure if I'll get back to fusing today.  I can tell you that the Super Shopper went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and came home with one of those gigantic bags yesterday.  Oh, is THAT going to be fun!!!

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  1. What a great idea -- bags out of bags! That's a nifty leash bag, too. Momma just sticks extra treats in her pocket, and that doesn't hold nearly enough treats. :)

  2. Those are just too cool! Camo is a beautiful model!


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