Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another Bag, Part II

Where was I?  Ah... the zipper woes.  Let's just move along.

Once I had a zipper that was long enough and stopped breaking needles, I was good to go.  Here is how the zipper placket-thingie came out:


I used a variegated thread, as you can see. It's by YLI. Purples, pinks, greens ... it's really a nice one.

Bag construction went well:


The bags from KSU are a bit heavier than the grocery store bags, so they're a little stiffer. It makes for a bit stronger bag, I think. I layered one layer of heavier bag with 3 layers of grocery store-weight bags.  (You can see the recycle - HyVee logo on the inside in the photo above!)

Here is the outside of the bag, in the flat stage:


I needed it to be a little wider than what the KSU bag was, so I added the purple bag strips. I really like how that looks! I also did a little top-stitching, as you can see, to help flatten the seams.  The purple bag might have come from the Vet School, too; I can't remember.  But it's purple. That's what counts!

Here's a look at the front of the bag:


This is the first one I put one of my tags on. It just felt right.

Here's a look inside:


Nice tall divider in there, to keep items separated!

Here it is, all finished:


I took apart a little-dog leash, then sewed snap hooks on either end.  I like how the variegated thread stands out a bit!

The zipper I used has a smaller pull than what's easy to grab on a bag, so I made a little pull tab using some of the purple bag parts:


Easier to grab!

Here's a close-up of how the snap hooks are attached:


I couldn't resist playing with the back of the bag a bit. I "fussy cut" a plastic bag warning and layered it into my stack to be fused:


These are the touches that totally amuse me.

Speaking of being amused, I thought Beth's bag should be modeled and sought a volunteer.

"Hmm.  It's for Beth, huh?  Very nice!  I think maybe Cam should model this one!"

How did I know he'd let his sister take the reins on this one?

"It's for Beth?  I've just about got her wrapped around my dainty little paw ... I'd love to model it!"

Cam has just about everyone at the Vet School convinced that she is the sweetest, most cooperative, prettiest thing on four paws.  (Which she is.)  It hasn't taken long at all.  (I've been taking her there for non-appointments, to check her weight, pick up meds, that sort of thing.  It's part of my process to help her get used to car rides and to see trips to the hospital as fun.  She's really SO GOOD about everything and I want to keep it that way!)

She struck a super-model pose for me out in the front yard:

"I wonder if the handsome Border Collies will smell me on this!?!"

Is she good at this, or what?!!?

Beth seemed really happy with her bag (Cammie helped me deliver it!) - I hope it works out great for her!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Cami makes a fantastic model. So if she helped deliver it did she get to meet the handsome border collie boys?


  2. I bet Zimmie is really happy Cam is there to do modelling duties :) Great bag!

  3. WOW, Camo! That's some grreat modeling. And the bag is super impressive. Your momma is so talented!

  4. That's one cool K-State bag! Cammie is a beautiful model too! Beth is going to love her bag for a very long time!


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