Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Collars and Leashes!

I wrapped up the new collars and leashes for Cam and Zim the other day - yea!  It feels good to start and finish something.  They've been acting like crazed river otters lately, playing non-stop.  While I'm thrilled to see them playing so nicely with each other ... (1)  I'm always afraid one of them is going to get hurt (most likely the 13 1/2 year old with a bad back) and (2) it's made getting a photo of them holding still wearing the new collars a bit of a challenge.  Here's the best I've got:

Zim and Cam, looking sweet and innocent

I just love the "bone camouflage" print and think the pups look mighty adorable.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Those colors look fabulous with their furs! They are looking sweet and innocent because they ARE sweet and innocent! :)

  2. Crazed river otters? I just know Teddy is going to be talking to Camo about this.

    Lovely collars and leashes by the way!

  3. Adorable indeed! It may be a little scary to have Zim so active, but at the same time it must make you smile to see him feeling so good that he wants to play.


  4. They look great


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