Sunday, July 21, 2013


I've never had such an easy time bringing a new "puppy" into our pack and our home as I have with Cam.  She's used to being around other Sibes, so maybe that's part of what made her so great with Dave and has her being such a great sister/playmate to Zim.  Part of it has to be her nature, too.  She brings a lot of joy into our hearts.  She's also very good about my requests to pose for photos -- a result of being a former show dog?  Maybe.  She can definitely work the camera.  So when I asked her to model her new collar yesterday ...


 She's a natural, isn't she? How about a close-up?


 Chin tilted up a little?


Thanks, Cammie.

She's a pro.  Gotta be the whole "being in the show ring" thing.  And salmon treats.

As per the title here, "Challenge" - my husband made a special request:  could I make him a watchband using Davy's collar?  I have to say, it was a very creative idea and quite the challenge!  I've never done anything like that!  And ... I don't use buckles on their collars.  Hmm.

I put on my thinking cap, some ideas came flowing, and before he could get home from his golf tournament, I had this:


I re-purposed a buckle from an old backpack.  It's a bit clunky - but it's for a guy!  As my sweet friend Shelli said, guys can do clunky!  :)

I made loops for the watch-pins to go through out of the ribbon found at the bottom of BDU pants - I zig-zagged 2 together to make it wide enough.  Thin loops wouldn't be stable enough to hold the watch in place.

The buckle is adjustable - I can even tighten it down to fit me:


I really love this.  So does my husband.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I just have to say - BRILLIANT! What a sweet thing to do! On a sidenote you'd better watch that sweet Cam of yours. Agents could be lurking. Just sayin'. She's a natural. ;-)


  2. That's a wonderful idea for Davy's collar! Okay, I admit it made my eyes leaky but I love it!

    Cam is so beautiful! She has such a sweet look on her face which makes me want to smooch her snooter!

  3. Great idea! You're so creative and what a sweet idea from Mike.

  4. She's a doll. Seriously.

    Glad Mike likes the watch band - what a great idea!

  5. Cam-a-Roo is the perfectly beautiful model. And what a special watch band. I love it.


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