Monday, July 29, 2013

Break From Binding

I'm still working on sewing the binding on my table runner, but I needed a break from hand sewing.  I thought I'd get cracking on the new collars and leashes for Zim and Cammie.

I cut the lengths of webbing and gathered my other supplies:


Snap hooks, sliders, D-rings, webbing, leveling bars, a number 8 foot, a number 4 foot (shudder!), a #90 denim needle ... and I started going to work!

#8 foot and leveling bars in action

The leveling bars are a huge help!  Oh.  And masking tape, since I can't use pins on webbing.

You might be wondering why I use a #4 foot - the zipper foot!  (shudder!)  I like to put a line of stitching right up against the snap hooks (and right up against one of the D-rings on the collars).  You can do that using the zipper foot.

#4 foot in action

Since there is no "foot edge", you can get nice and close.  Using the denim foot (#8) works, too - you just can't get as close.  So the 4 is great.  JUST DON'T FORGET to move your needle all the way over to the right side before using the #4 AND to move it back to the center before switching back to the #8.  You can break needles and potentially do a number on your sewing machine otherwise.  (shudder!)  Trust me on that one.

I hope to finish these up today; if so, I'll get the pups to model them for you!  :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Those are going to be cool collars! They sound complicated to make to me but the dogs will love them!

  2. Are you saying that you HAVE forgotten to move the needle in the past?

  3. Can't wait to see the finished products. I like the little piece of tape on your machine with the smiley face.


  4. I'm so impressed that you make your own collars and leashes! I like the matching camo patterns.


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