Tuesday, July 23, 2013


We're all slowly adjusting to being back in the Studio.  It's been funny to see Cam's reactions to things down there and to watch her find her niche.  One of the things that seems to have baffled her is a ceramic cookie jar I have on the floor of the outer part of the Studio.

"How come he has a cookie and I don't?"

She doesn't seem to know what to make of it.

My closet, AKA Karen's House of Fabrics, got her attention, too.

"Oh, my stars!  ....and stripes!  ...and plaids, and polka dots, and swirls, and batiks, and..."

Time will tell if she has a penchant for colors; for right now, she's mighty fine company and that is a huge help to me.  She seems to like the outer room best.

"Seriously.  I'm watching you, Cookie Dog."

They seem to be having an on-going staring match.  Me?  I've finished the quilting on the runner!

Almost done quilting!

I loosened up and got a lot of the "feel" back as I went.

Speaking of staring matches, someone else thought I should be doing something other than quilting yesterday.

"Ha roo!"

When I have free time, he thinks it's time for us to head off on an adventure.  

"Look into my eyes.  Deeper ... deeper ... "
That's the back of the table runner, by the way

He's ... he's like the Bela Lugosi version of Dracula, pulling his victims in with this mesmerizing stare.  Here he is, getting serious:

"Yes ... that's it.  You want to go for a ride.  You must go for a ride.  Look deeper..."

 You have no idea how forceful that look is! 

Next shot on my iPhone:


Yeah, well, you would, too.

I got ready to fold and press my binding in half that I pieced together 10 million years ago.  You know. After we got back.


 It would have been a nice idea to go ahead and trim all those waste triangles off back in March of 2012, don't you think?

Before too long, I had it all trimmed, crisply pressed, and wound around my spool, ready to sew on!  (Check the last pic here for an explanation of that.)

All set to bind!

Before I do the binding, I need to write out a label, then I'm all set to sew.  Maybe later this afternoon.  Unless I need to go for a ride.
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  1. This is making me so happy. I love that you're back in your studio.

  2. It'll take Cam a little while to get the hang of things in the studio but she will. Zim is very persuasive!

  3. I'm so pleased you're back in the studio. Tell Cammie that Teddy is highly suspicious of cookie dog too.

  4. I'm sorry you lost me at "Karen's House of Fabrics". My stash closet is very similar to yours in many ways. Neatly folded, arranged by color and lots of it! Oh yeah the table runner is looking good too, but can I come pet your fabric sometime? LOL!!!


  5. Hi Karen, I love your studio-everything about it including your stash and white wicker furniture. Of course, your sewing table is pretty cool too. Hubby was supposed to have made me one about 8 yrs ago, never did and I'm still searching for a farmhouse table at a garage sale. I'm going to start following your blog here-just so I can see your current projects.
    Lots of love,


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