Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Here's My Point

That post title will make sense shortly.

I did a quick label yesterday - remembering the method I had first tried out on the table runner I did for my friend Sue.


Why it took me so long to stumble onto that gem (fold a square of muslin in half, write your label, then sew it into a corner as you add your binding) is beyond me. Who gets paid to think of these things? It's right up there with no-stick foil. Thank you. Seriously.

Because my binding is super-scrappy, I needed to be very careful about where the seams hit. I don't want bulk at my corners, so I laid it all out and moved it around about 175 times before I thought I had it right.


Even with being careful, I hit a corner with one of my bias seams:

Yep.  Here's my point.

It actually matched up perfectly, so that when I turned the corner with it ...


Yeah! I planned that. OK, I didn't, but check out the next corner:


How does that happen twice in one quilt, after such careful planning? I do think it will turn under and miter well, though. As I do my hand stitching, I'll let you know. If you hear screams out of Kansas, you can safely assume it didn't go according to plan.

Thanks for reading! I really do appreciate all of you!


  1. I don't worry about where the binding seams fall because I always end up with at least one at a corner. I love your corner label too.


  2. I can't do any sewing so I'm impressed with how that turned out! Love your corner label!

  3. It looks good to me.


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