Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Storm's Blowing In!

A Storm Bag, that is. I showed you the beach-themed prints we chose a couple posts ago; they really came together nicely! I got the body (or bodies - since it's fully reversible) of the bag finished up, then added the trim!

I've never dealt with anything like that before, but it went in fairly easily. I just took my time...

and used about 152 pins. OK, maybe only 150. But a LOT of pins. And I had to remember to keep the wooden beads/genuine faux pearls :)/shells/glass out of the way! Here's how the top of the bag looks right now:

Isn't it cool? Here's another look:

Doesn't the fab I used for the pocket sort of look like sand? I'll give you a better look at the bag itself after I'm finished; the fab twists around the Storm now -- like a TORNADO. I'm so easily amused.

I've started the HTP! Bag; here's a look:

This is quickly becoming a fav. I hope to get the grommets pounded in today and the handles looped through.

I'm also working on a new design, as per a special request from the Macon Bag-a-holic. It's very cute, on the small side, and goes with just about everything. Yes... I have named it, but I'm holding off on telling you until I have a few more made. :) I think you'll like it.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow!

    That is beaWOOtiful too!!

    BTW, Mom wanted to wait fur the new khrakhkberry BUT her phone didn't khooperate!!! She wanted her OWN STORM!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Khan't wait to see what my BFF's mom is getting NOW!

  2. I can not even think how long it took you to do all that beading!

  3. So did you go with the name you were leaning toward????


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