Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fabulous Fabs

Here are some of the newer fabs in my stash that we've been playing with. Just thought you might want to see some of the things cooking in my head.

Some Amy Butlers, Kaffe Fassets and batiks:

The Amy Butlers (along with a couple others that "go") are on the left; I have a bunch of 5-inch samples in the same line. AND some cool buttons in the sort of teal/spa and blue. It would make the COOLEST Sitia Marie!

Let's go Asian:

I can see lots of possibilities for them! I can see parts of them in a Storm Bag. In fact, I'm working on a new twist to the Storm now, in some sea-type of prints. There's a funny pun in there you'll get after you see what I'm doing to the Storm Bag. I will take a picture for the next post. Anyway, the fabs above would be fab for it.

I love these next two together. I can see them in a Deeve; the blue on the outside and the neutral on the inside.

Wouldn't this coffee print and its friend make a cool Boo Tote?

Or even a Z Bag.

This print needs to go into something cool. Maybe a Boo or a Ram-a-Lamb:

And here are some I've pulled together for a Super Shopper.

I've got a few more things in the works right now that I'll share soon.

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