Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sale Fabs From the Quilting Cottage

Before I get started, a big "thank you" to those of you who voted for your favorite bag! It looks like the Z Bag and the Ram-a-Lamb came out on top! Very helpful to know!

A friend in Northern Cyprus sent me a link to a GREAT batiks sale over at the Quilting Cottage - 75% off her batiks! Wow, thanks, Pam! I couldn't resist ... and ordered 22 yards worth. :) You know ... I figured they wouldn't have everything by the time I put my order in and I checked the box that read something to the effect of "if you don't have exactly what I ordered, just send what you have; I'm stash-building".

I got a package in the mail a few days later with two of the fabs I'd ordered; shown here with my Guide Dog for the Color Blind.

GORGEOUS! I was thrilled. (And please know that I wash everything before I make it into bags or quilts.) High quality, rich, saturated colors .... perfect! Then I received the nicest email from the owner of the shop saying she never imagined her sale would go over so well and she was overwhelmed with customers showing up for the sale AND internet orders. Instead of taking the route most retailers would, when it's sold out, the sale is over, she apologized for not having everything and offered 75% off 18 yards (the remainder of my order) of ANY fabric she has or would get in before mid-December. WOW! I was blown away. And jumped on it, of course. :)

In came another box with everything I'd ordered. I take that back. She was short 1/4 yard of one fab, so she threw in 3 "fat quarters" of fabs that fit with the rest of my order!

How generous! The fabs that she added are high-quality and just stunning!

I wasn't the only one thrilled with and interested in my order. Check out my Quality Control expert, Drill SGT Zim:

I wonder if there is a shop cat? He loves cats. Interestingly enough, he was quite drawn to the French writing on this piece:

He's got great taste; I like that one a lot myself. There was also a yummy purple:

Dave jumped on it right away; his collar is purple, so he's kind of partial to it.

Is it just me, or does it look like he's hiding it from Amber (seen in the background)? She LOVED it. :)

It has some gold metallic "stuff" in it. Very lovely.

Remember in my last post - the HTP! Bag I did for Santa? The fab under Amber's right elbow is what I used to line the bag. It was the perfect "fit"!!!

Dave started to pout because I was letting his brother and sister help unpack the box. Check it out:

Heart breaker! Here's the whole shipment:

The maps are so cool. They'll make fabulous bags - and I think one may end up as a window topper in my hubby's office.

I am going to have so much fun with these fabs! Anyone see anything they'd like to put dibs on? :) Many thanks again to Pam for the heads up on the sale - and mega-thanks to the ladies at the Quilting Cottage!

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  1. I bet Dave is in fabrikh heaven!

    So many nice kholours and khool prints!!


  2. Come visit and you can go to the Quilting Cottage for real!! :-)

  3. LOVE the french writing fab!

  4. Erm, the french writing fab would make a MOST excellent Bart's Good Evening bag... I'm just sayin'...


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