Saturday, October 11, 2008

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Yes, I am a color blind female. Part of the 0.4-0.5% of the population, thank you very much. :) Fortunately for me, shortly after Dave got here, I recognized a talent in him. A talent for really great color coordination. It started almost as a joke, with letting him choose some quilt fabrics, then went on to the tiles for our Library/Media Room floor - and the grout, too!, the pavers for our brick pathway .... and now I basically run everything past him. He's really very good at his job.

I tried to shoot some vids of him "in action" the other day in the Studio, but he either clammed up when I hit the vid button, or I totally messed the video up (problems downloading from camera to computer) - but here are some stills of him at work. I've added my comments.

First we were trying to choose a fab or two to go with a gorgeous batik horse print for a Hold the Phone! Bag Santa is ordering for a Christmas present. (Note to Santa: I received your payment today - thank you!) I collected a bunch I thought might work and presented them to my Guide Dog for the Color Blind.

He loved the main "focus" fab and pretty much ignored everything else. Except for the lavender one in the bottom right-hand corner. He ended up scratching that one away from the others. That was on one of the botched vids. His message (and part of our partnership is that I have to understand what he's telling me) was that he didn't think any of them were "right". Especially the lavender.

We moved on to some "beach" prints for the new Storm Bag I mentioned in the last post. Instead of being constructed from small squares, it will be long rectangles that will "twist" into a Storm. Yes, like a tornado. :) Here's Dave, checking those fabs out:

I wanted to swap some of them out with some others, and he resisted.

He wouldn't let me take ANY of them. Except for the polypro. I was toying with using either black or the blue for straps, but they didn't really do it for either one of us.

I have some shells and sort of "beach glass" in a trim and wanted to see if they'd be a nice addition. I've never really embellished any of my bags with trim, but this could be a nice touch.

Dave really liked it.

A lot.

I work him hard, but he does get breaks.

We came back to the horse batik after his nap, pairing it with different fabs.

He did like the green on the left...


...but then it hit me that there was another "small" problem. Or "not small" problem. Due to the size of the HTP! Bag and the large scale of the batik...

...we're going to be lucky to get ONE horse on the front of the bag. :( SO... if Santa is out there reading... that might be OK for what you have in mind, or it might not. Remember, I have the other horse print, too.

I could get more horses in by using this fab -- but it might not be "the look" you have in mind. It's a brighter, more lively print than the batik. Please let me know which one you prefer, Santa, and Dave and I will get right on it.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hmmm...I wonder wonder

    Who the horse horse

    HTP bag might be for be for

    Once again Dave, I see MORE MASTERpieces in the woo-rks!


  2. Dear Santa's Helper -
    I consulted with Mom and the smaller print bright horse print fabric would be just fine! We aren't worried about what you come up with. Your work is quite bewootiful. Woo!

  3. Our Mom loves the beachey prints, Dave we always trust your judgement!
    Man do you ever work so hard, its just amazing! Woo deserve extra banana slices for all your hard studio work! And, just look at all those freckles in that one photo! My mom wants to smoochie each one of those darling freckle nuggets on your snooter.


  4. *sigh* *swoooon*

    be still my beating heart!

    Sue xxxx

    Geeez!Mum is SO embarrassing!! and rude!! She didn't even say what great work you are doing.. so take it from me that she did love the work.. she is just a little smitten and puppy lovestruck!!

    Ben xxxx

  5. Those horse fabs are awesome!!!!


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