Sunday, October 5, 2008

Shelli's Super Shopper

Here's our favorite model, showing off her Super Shopper! Remember, she's 5'4", so you can get the perspective right!

She told me the other day that she loaded 4 bottles of wine easily into her Super Shopper and the bag did great. Did I tell you it's strong!?!

She even turned her Super Shopper inside-out! Take a look:

What better to pair up with the bright pink camo than her BDU Deeve Bag! I love it!

And being a self-described bag-a-holic, here she is pairing the Super Shopper up with her Storm Bag! The front of the tote...

...and the back of the tote!

Too cool!

You can never have enough bags! :)

Thanks, Shelli!

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