Sunday, August 18, 2019

Another UFO

Hi everyone!  In the quilting world, "UFO" stands for "unfinished object" - those quilts you set aside and mean to get back to ... and as you know, mine have been mounting up!  I mean, there are so many UFOs in my Studio, it's like the Area 51 of the quilt world.  I am working to change that, though!

That's what brought me to this quilt top:


It's a folk art quilt - album style.  I did the appliqué by hand, using a blanket stitch.  I really used to enjoy doing that!  Apparently what I did not enjoy was ear-marking fabric for the binding.  ACK!!!  I would have loved to use the same blue as in that first super-thin border, but no luck.  I didn't have the right red, either - though I think red would have looked really nice.  So ... my top three choices are up above on the right.  I ended up going with the blue on the bottom - many thanks to my friends who weighed in on that!

OK!  On to the quilting!  I used King Tut Sands of Time - it's variegated beiges and would be perfect for the "aged" look of the quilt.  I wanted to quilt it as they would have in the 19th century and wanted to quilt the living daylights out of it, so I chose to do diagonal lines, set about 1/2 and inch apart.  Yikes!  Straight lines are a challenge for me, but I thought they would really enhance the quilt.


I marked with my Frixion pens - wow, I love those things!

I also like my new Regi's Grip Quilting Gloves from Quilting Is My Therapy.  They are so much more comfortable than my old quilting gloves!  I confess, though, I sent the pair I'm wearing in that photo to a friend and bought a new pair for myself.  They were too long in the fingers for me, and I came very close to sewing right through the fingertips a few times.  The new ones are perfect - and hopefully the longer ones will work for my friend!

The girls were excellent company as I quilted - playing with toys, napping, and ... well, please click here.  She is such a riot!

After working a couple hours a day for a few days, I was finished with the quilting!!!


I really couldn't believe I quilted it so fast!  Granted, it's only about 40 square inches, but still!  YAY!!!

Here are a couple favorite blocks:

Hands to work, hearts to God!
Woman and child, with flying animal overhead

I really wish I could remember where this pattern came from!  It's not anywhere in my library.  If it was, I might be able to tell you if that's a flying dog, cat, horse, or something else.  Some of my friends speculated that it could be the cow jumping over the moon - and he's on the descent.  That could work!

Here's a look at the back:


I love the texture!!!

And here it is, after I sewed the binding on:


I just washed and dried it this morning, and love it even more:


It shrunk up just a touch, just enough to give it a bit of an aged look.  

I'm so happy I went back and finished this one.  It's really special to me.  Another UFO, all wrapped up!!!

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. That looks grreat! I loves the diamond quilting on it. It really looks straight out of Grandma's quilting room.

  2. Another great finish. I think the binding color matches the small border well.


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